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EPI´CHYSIS (ἐπίχυσις) a wine-jug with a narrow neck and small lip and with a handle (Menand. fr. 490 M.); usually of metal, i. e. silver among the luxurious, bronze where simplicity was studied (cf. Aristoph. fr. 12; Phylarch. ap. Ath. 4.142 d, of Cleomenes king of Sparta). Among the Romans it took the place of the earlier guttus, a narrow-necked cruet without a handle (Varr. L. L. 5.124; Plaut. Rud. 5.2, 32); and glass became the favourite material. It was not unlike a modern claret-jug: the illustration to COTYLA the figure of the Nereid under PERISCELIS and the coin under URCEUS will give a sufficient idea of its shape, which moreover could be considerably varied. See also Guhl and Koner, p. 190, fig. 200, Nos. 26-31. (Rich, s.v. Guhl and Koner5, p. 193 f.)


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