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AEGYS (Αἴγυς: Eth. Αἰγνάτης, Paus.; Αἰγνεύς, Theopomp. ap. Steph. B. sub voce a town of Laconia, on the frontiers of Arcadia, originally belonged to the Arcadians, but was conquered at an early period by Charilaus, the reputed nephew of Lycurgus, and annexed to Laconia. Its territory, called Aegȳtis (Αἰγῦτις), appears to have been originally of some extent, and to have included all the villages in the districts of Maleatis and Cromitis. Even at the time of the foundation of Megalopolis, the inhabitants of these Arcadian districts, comprising Scirtonium, Malea, Cromi, Belbina, and Leuctrum, continued [p. 1.49]to be called Aegytae. The position of Aegys is uncertain. Leake places it at Kamára, near the sources of the river Xeriló, the ancient Carnion. (Paus. 3.2.5, 8.27.4, 34.5; Strab. p. 446; Pol. 2.54; Leake, Peloponnesiaca, p. 234.)

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