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AEPY (Αἶπν: Eth. Αἰπύτης), a town in Elis, so called from its lofty situation, is mentioned by Homer, and is probably the same as the Triphylian town Epeium (Ἤπειον, Ἔπιον, Αἰπίον), which stood between Macistus and Heraea. Leake places it on the high peaked mountain which lies between the villages of Vriná and Smerna, about 6 miles in direct distance from Olympia. Boblaye supposes it to occupy the site of Hellenista, the name of some ruins on a hill between Platiana and Barakou. (Hom. Il. 2.592; Xen. Hell. 3.2. 30; Pol. 4.77.9, 4.80.13; Strab. p. 349; Steph. B. sub voce Stat. Theb, 4.180; Leake, Morea, vol. ii. p. 206; Boblaye, Recherches, &c., p. 136.)

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