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TAMY´RACA (Ταμυράκη, Ptol. 3.5.8, 8.10.3), a town and promontory of European Sarmatia in the neighbourhood of a lake (Arrian, Per. P. Eux. p. 20), and in the innermost part of the gulf of Carcinitis, now gulf of Achmeschid or Perekop. Hence, according to Strabo, the Sinus Carcinites was also called the gulf of Tamyraoë (vii. p. 308). But the coast has undergone such extensive alterations at this part, that all attempts to determine the site of the town are unavailing. Some, indeed, have doubted its existence, as it is mentioned only by Ptolemy. (Cf. Neumann, Die Hellenen in Skythenlande, p. 375; Ukert, 3.2. p. 457; Gail, Geogr. M. iii. p. 127.)


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