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TA´OCE (Ταόκη, Arrian Ind. chap. 39; Strab. xv. p.728), a town or fortress of the district of Taocene, in Persis. It was, according to Strabo, the seat of one of the three treasuries of the kings of Persia. It is not certain from Arrian's statement whether he means the town or the district, but probably the former. The town appears to have been placed near the river Granis. Ptolemy speaks of a promontory and a town of this name (6.4. § § 2 and 7). It is probable that it is the same place as that called by Al-Edrisi, Toudj or Touj (ii. p. 391, &c.). Where Dionysius (1069), enumerating the three palaces, speaks of the Τασκοί, we ought most likely to read Τωκοί or Τακοί, with reference to the people of this district. The Granis is the river of Abushir. [GRANIS]


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