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[Q. 1. سَرْدَقَ, inf. n. سَرْدَقَةٌ, He covered a house with an awning over its interior court, as a protection from the heat of the sun: so accord. to Golius, as on the authority of the KL: and the same is indicated by the explanation of the pass. part. n. in the PS: but in the KL, I find only the inf. n. expl. by سَرَاپَرْدَهْ كَرْدَنْ: the verb may, however, be better expl. as signifying he furnished with a سُرَادِق, q. v.] سُرَادِقٌ ذ , said by El-Jawáleekee to be an arabicized word from [the Pers.] سَرَادَرْ or سَرَاطَاقْ, (MF,) An awning extended over the interior court of a house: (S, O, Msb, K:) [and the cover of a tent:] and any tent of cotton: (S, O, K, and mentioned in the Msb as on the authority of J:) or a [ tent of the kind called] فُسْطَاط; (Bd in xviii. 28;) so says AO: (Msb:) also (Msb) an enclosure around a خَيْمَة [or tent], consisting of pieces of cloth, without a roof: (Mgh, Msb:) or an enclosure (حُجْرَة) around a فُسْطَاط: (Ksh and Bd ubi suprá:) or what surrounds the [tent called] خَيْمَة and the [tent called] قُبَّة: (Ham p. 772:) or any wall or enclosure, or [tent such as is called] مِضْرَب or [such as is called] خِبَآء that surrounds a thing: (IAth, TA:) pl. سُرَادِقَاتٌ: (S O, K:) it has this pl., though it is masc., because. it has no broken pl. (Sb, TA.) ElKedhdháb El-Hirmázee says, not Ru-beh as in the “ Book ” of Sb [and in the S], addressing Hakam Ibn-El-Mundhir Ibn-El-Járood, “ سُرَادِقُ المَجْدِ عَلَيْكَ مَمْدُودْ
” (assumed tropical:) [The canopy of glory is extended over thee]. (O, TA.) ― -b2- [Hence,] (assumed tropical:) Dust rising; or spreading, or diffusing itself. (Az, O, K.) ― -b3- And (assumed tropical:) Smoke rising high, and surrounding a thing. (Az, O, K.) ― -b4- In the Kur xviii. 28, it is applied to what will surround the unbelievers, of the fire of Hell, (Ksh, Bd,) as being likened to a فُسْطَاط, (Bd,) or to an enclosure around a فسطاط; or as meaning the smoke of the fire; or a wall thereof. (Ksh, Bd.) بَيْتٌ مُسَرْدَقٌ ذ (Lth, S, &c.) [A house, or tent,] having a سُرَادِق: (Ksh in xviii. 28, and PS:) or having the whole of its upper part, and of its lower part, مَشْدُود [accord. to the TK here meaning curtained, which seems to be the only apposite rendering, but I know not any authority for it], (Lth, JK, O, K, TA,) or مَسْدُود [i. e. closed, &c.]. (So in the CK.)

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