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سَاحٌ ذ [originally سَوَحٌ]: see what follows. سَاحَةٌ ذ [originally سَوَحَةٌ] The court, or open area, of a house; i. e. a spacious vacant part or portion thereof, in which is no building; (Msb voce عَرْصَةٌ;) a part of a house in which is no building nor roof: (Har p. 33:) its بَاحَة: (S:) or its yard; i. e. a spacious place in front of a house: (Msb in the present art.:) or a wide, or spacious, place, among the dwellings of a tribe: and a side, region, quarter, or tract; or a lateral, or an outward or adjacent, part or portion; syn. نَاحِيَةٌ: (K:) the pl. is ↓ سَاحٌ [or rather this is a coll. gen. n. of which ساحة is the n. un.] and [the pl. is] سَاحَاتٌ (S, Msb, K) and سُوحٌ; (S, K;) the last like بُدْنٌ pl. of بَدَنَةٌ, and خُشْبٌ pl. of خَشَبَةٌ: (S:) the dim. is ↓ سُوَيْحَةٌ . (TA.) [See also 7 in art. سيح.] One says, عَمَرَ ا@للّٰهُ سَاحَتَكَ [May God people thy court, or yard; or make it to be well stocked with people and the like]. (A.) And in a case of drought you say, اِحْمَرَّ ا@للُّوحُ وَا@غُبَرَّ ا@لسُّوحُ [The air, or atmosphere, has become red, and the courts, or yards, have become very dusty]. (A.) You say also, إِِنَّهُ لَبَرِىْءُ السَّاحَةِ, a phrase like إِِنَّهُ لَبَرِىْءُ العَذِرَةِ [expl. in art. عذر]. (TA in art. عذر.) سُوَيْحَةٌ ذ dim. of سَاحَةٌ, q. v. (TA.)

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