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ἀάω , Ep. Verb (twice in Trag., v. infr.), used by Hom. in aor. Act. ἄα^σα α_α_σαν Od.10.68, later α^α_σε prob. in Matro Conv.29) contr. ἆσα, Med. ἀα^σάμην ἀα_σατο,
A.v.l. ἀάσσατο, Il.9.537) contr. ἀσάμην, Pass. ἀάσθην: pres. only in 3sg. Med. “ἀᾶταιIl.19.91:—hurt, damage, always in reference to the mind, mislead, infatuate, of the effects of wine, sleep, divine judgements, etc., “ἄασάν μ᾽ ἕταροί τε κακοὶ πρὸς τοῖσί τε ὕπνοςOd.10.68; “ἆσέ με δαίμονος αἶσα κακὴ καὶ . . οἶνος11.61; “φρένας ἄασε οἴνῳ21.297; of love, θαλερὴ δέ μιν ἄασε Κύπρις Epic. ap.Parth.21.2; inf. “ἆσαιA.Fr.417; part. “ἄσαςS.Fr.628:—Med., “Ἄτη πάντας ἀᾶταιIl.19.91 :—Pass., “Ἄτης, πρῶτον ἀάσθηνIl. 19.136, cf. Hes.Op.283, h.Cer.258.
II. Intr. in aor. Med., to be infatuated, act foolishly,ἀασάμηνIl.9.116, etc.; ἀάσατο δὲ μέγα θυμῷ ib.537, 11.340; “καὶ γὰρ δή νύ ποτε Ζεὺς ἄσατο19.95, Aristarch., v.l. Ζῆν᾽ ἄσατο (sc. Ἄτη), cf. Sch.Ven. ad loc.; “εἴ τί περ ἀασάμηνA.R.1.1333; “ἀασάμην . . ἄτην2.623. (ἀϝάω, cf. ἀτάω.
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