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TARUENNA or TARUANNA (Ταρούαννα, Ptol. 2.9.8), a town in North Gallia, and according to Ptolemy an inland town of the Morini. [MORINI] It is written Teruanna in the Table, where it is marked a capital town, and the modern name is Térouenne. It is mentioned in several Roman routes. The distance between Gesoriacum (Boulogne) in the Antonine Itin. and Taruenna does not agree with the true distance; nor does the distance in the same Itin. between Taruenna and Castellum (Cassel) agree with the actual measurement. In both instances we must assume that there is an error in the numerals of the Itin. D'Anville says that the Roman road appears to exist between Térouenne and the commencement of the Boulenois, or district of Boulogne, near Devre, where it passe by a place called La Chaussée. There are also said to be traces of a Roman road from Itius Portus (Wissant) to Térouenne.


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