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R. N. Allen,

R. A. Allen,

G. W. Allen, Jr.,

W. H. Armstrong,

J. J. Atkinson,

Spott Atkinson,

Bob Alvis,

J. L. Alvis, [312]

Lunsford Armstrong,

Jeff Branch,

Sam Blankenship,

J. H. Brooks,

* Tucker Cocke,

*R. E. Clough,

* Henry Childress,

J. E. Crouch,

Milton Cragwall,

* Otho Carter,

*W. E. Clark,

*Dr. Duval,

Pryor Drumwright,

* Tom Dunn,

* Henry Davenport,

*Joe Drinker,

* Napoleon Elliott,

*Tom Eads,

Bill Farmer,

*George Fisher,

*J. B. Gathright,

*J. R. Gathright,

* Peter Guerrant,

* Marcellus Gentry,

*Oscar Gilliam,

T. G. Holman,

F. O. Harris,

Jim Hughes,

* Frank Hall,

Ben Johnson,

* Hawton Johnson,

G. G. Johnson,

* George Kasee,

* George Lane,

*Josiah Leake,

Henry Leadbetter,

G. J. Loyall,

*‘Parson’ Loyall,

* Pat Loving,

“Rat” Long,

W. C. Malone,

Tom Amos,

Julian Branch,

J. H. Bowles,

* J. C. Bowden,

Ed. Clough,

J. H. Childress,

* Luther Childress,

W. M. Crouch,

* George Cardwell,

Robert Clements,

W. E. Dennis,

J. D. Drumwright,

J. H. Dickerson,

* William Davenport,

J. E. Dugings,

William Edwards,

*Daniel Eads,

J. L. Farmer,

Dick Foster,

T. M. Gathright,

* M. H. Gathright,

W. A. Gray,

* William Gentry,

*Ed. Gammon,

Henry Holman,

R. J. Hoye,

Daniel Hughes,

Sam Humphries,

* Newton Hodges,

* G. W. Johnson,

Charlie Johnson,

*Jim Jackson,

* Bob Knibb,

* Dabney Lane,

William Lumsden,

L. B. Laseur,

Thomas Loyall,

*Jim Loving,

* George Loving,

C. E. Massie,

William Macbride, [313]

* Aleck McLaine,

*Jim Miller,

Frank Mathews,

B. J. Nuckols,

J. P. Nicholas,

William Nunnally,

J. E. Perkins,

*N. Perkins,

J. R. Poor,

Charlie Palmer,

Ed. Powers,

J. N. Pleasants,

Sam Pettitt,

Luston Phillips,

* George Radford,

* Tom Rigsby,

William Richardson,

*J. C. Riddell,

* S. J. Rock,

* Beverly Rock,

* William Russell,

* Felix Sharp,

William Sharp,

* Silas Seay,

Marcus Smith,

*Jim Shelburn,

* John Southworth,

* William Tillman,

Tom Turner,

H. C. Thomas,

J. A. Thomas,

* Dick Talley,

R. T. L. Toler,

Newton Thurstan,

* Bob Thomas,

A. V. Taylor,

“Bill” Thompson,

*Jim Via,

Jack Wade,

* Joe Willis,

S. W. Wilson,

* Peter McRae,

*T. R. Miller,

J. W. Nuckols,

T. E. Nuckols,

Henry Newberry,

*Lissia Omohondro,

* Arvin Perkins,

* A. Perkins,

Dewitt Poor,

J. H. Pleasants,

Thad Pledge,

* ‘CoonParrish,

Addison Pleasants,

*Charlie Payne,

*George Rigsby,

*Jim Roberts,

T. J. Riddell,

* Andrew Riddell,

* R. S. Rock,

* Luther Rock,

* Tom Rosser,

* Lucian Shelton,

Garrett Schooler,

Decker Smith,

*John Sheppard,

* Fleming Snead,

* Tom Turner,

*Jim Turner,

I. Thurston,

C. E. Tough,

*John E. Talley,

Sam Tucker,

* Baker Tyler,

Ed. Thurston,

* Bob Terry,

* Tom Valentine,

Ed. Williams,

J. A. Witt,

* L. Willis,

* A. Woodward,

* Dick Ware, [314]

A. A. Woodson,

* W. O. Watkins,

* Ed. Weekly,

* W. W. Woodson,

Clay Wooldridge,

* B. H. Woodson.

Note.—This ‘old roll’ has been requested by numbers of members of the company, and it is made from memory; consequently, if there is an omission of any name, I hope some one will correct the mistakes and furnish the omitted names.

R. N. Allen, Goochland Light Artillery. Doswell Post-office, Hanover County, Va.

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Tom Turner (2)
Arvin Perkins (2)
G. J. Loyall (2)
R. N. Allen (2)
Clay Wooldridge (1)
A. Woodward (1)
W. W. Woodson (1)
B. H. Woodson (1)
A. A. Woodson (1)
J. A. Witt (1)
S. W. Wilson (1)
L. Willis (1)
Joe Willis (1)
Edward Williams (1)
Edward Weekly (1)
W. O. Watkins (1)
Dick Ware (1)
Jack Wade (1)
Tom Valentine (1)
Baker Tyler (1)
Jim Turner (1)
Sam Tucker (1)
C. E. Tough (1)
R. T. L. Toler (1)
William Tillman (1)
I. Thurston (1)
Edward Thurston (1)
Newton Thurstan (1)
Charles Thompson (1)
J. A. Thomas (1)
H. C. Thomas (1)
Bob Thomas (1)
Bob Terry (1)
A. V. Taylor (1)
John E. Talley (1)
Dick Talley (1)
John Southworth (1)
Fleming Snead (1)
Marcus Smith (1)
Decker Smith (1)
John Sheppard (1)
Lucian Shelton (1)
Jim Shelburn (1)
Silas Seay (1)
Garrett Schooler (1)
William Russell (1)
Tom Rosser (1)
S. J. Rock (1)
R. S. Rock (1)
Jim Roberts (1)
Tom Rigsby (1)
George Rigsby (1)
T. J. Riddell (1)
J. C. Riddell (1)
Andrew Riddell (1)
William Richardson (1)
George Radford (1)
Edward Powers (1)
J. R. Poor (1)
J. N. Pleasants (1)
J. H. Pleasants (1)
Addison Pleasants (1)
Luston Phillips (1)
Sam Pettitt (1)
Napoleon Perkins (1)
J. E. Perkins (1)
Charlie Payne (1)
W. H. Parrish (1)
Charlie Palmer (1)
William Nunnally (1)
T. E. Nuckols (1)
J. W. Nuckols (1)
B. J. Nuckols (1)
J. P. Nicholas (1)
Henry Newberry (1)
T. R. Miller (1)
Jim Miller (1)
Peter McRae (1)
Frank Mathews (1)
C. E. Massie (1)
W. C. Malone (1)
William Macbride (1)
William Lumsden (1)
Thomas Loyall (1)
Josiah Leake (1)
Henry Leadbetter (1)
L. B. Laseur (1)
Bob Knibb (1)
George Kasee (1)
Hawton Johnson (1)
G. W. Johnson (1)
G. G. Johnson (1)
Charlie Johnson (1)
Ben Johnson (1)
Jim Jackson (1)
Sam Humphries (1)
Jim Hughes (1)
Daniel Hughes (1)
R. J. Hoye (1)
T. G. Holman (1)
Henry Holman (1)
Newton Hodges (1)
F. O. Harris (1)
Peter Guerrant (1)
W. A. Gray (1)
Oscar Gilliam (1)
William Gentry (1)
Marcellus Gentry (1)
T. M. Gathright (1)
M. H. Gathright (1)
J. R. Gathright (1)
J. B. Gathright (1)
Edward Gammon (1)
Dick Foster (1)
George Fisher (1)
J. L. Farmer (1)
Napoleon Elliott (1)
William Edwards (1)
Tom Eads (1)
Daniel Eads (1)
Duval (1)
Tom Dunn (1)
J. E. Dugings (1)
Pryor Drumwright (1)
J. D. Drumwright (1)
J. H. Dickerson (1)
W. E. Dennis (1)
William Davenport (1)
Henry Davenport (1)
W. M. Crouch (1)
J. E. Crouch (1)
Milton Cragwall (1)
Coon (1)
Tucker Cocke (1)
R. E. Clough (1)
Edward Clough (1)
Robert Clements (1)
W. E. Clark (1)
Luther Childress (1)
J. H. Childress (1)
Henry Childress (1)
Otho Carter (1)
George Cardwell (1)
J. H. Brooks (1)
J. H. Bowles (1)
J. C. Bowden (1)
Sam Blankenship (1)
Spott Atkinson (1)
J. J. Atkinson (1)
W. H. Armstrong (1)
Lunsford Armstrong (1)
Tom Amos (1)
J. L. Alvis (1)
Bob Alvis (1)
R. A. Allen (1)
G. W. Allen (1)
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