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The opposing forces at Chickasaw bluffs (or First Vicksburg), Miss.: December 27th, 1862--January 3d, 1863.

The composition, losses, and strength of each army as here stated give the gist of all the data obtainable in the Official Records. K stands for killed; w for wounded; m w for mortally wounded; m for captured or missing; c for captured.

The Union army. Right wing. Thirteenth army Corps.

Major-General William T. Sherman.
First division, Brig.-Gen. Andrew J. Smith (also in command of the Second Division December 29th).

Escort: C, 4th Ind. Cav., Capt. Joseph P. Lesslie.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Stephen G. Burbridge: 16th Ind., Col. Thomas J. Lucas; 60th Ind., Col. Richard Owen; 67th Ind., Col. Frank Emerson; 83d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. William H. Baldwin; 96th Ohio, Col. Joseph W. Vance; 23d Wis., Col. Joshua J. Guppey. Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 1==2. Second Brigade, Col. William J. Landram: 77th Ill., Col. David P. Grier; 97th Ill., Col. Friend S. Rutherford; 108th Ill., Col. John Warner; 131st Ill., Col. George W. Neeley; 89th Ind., Col. Charles D. Murray; 19th Ky., Lieut.-Col. John Cowan; 48th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Job R. Parker.

Second division, Brig.-Gen. Morgan L. Smith (w), Brig.-Gen. David Stuart. Staff loss: w, 1.

First Brigade, Col. Giles A. Smith: 113th Ill., Col. George B. Hoge; 116th Ill., Col. Nathan W. Tupper; 6th Mo., Lieut.-Col. James H. Blood; 8th Mo., Lieut.-Col. David C. Coleman; 13th U. S. (1st Battalion), Maj. Dudley Chase. Brigade loss: k, 15; w, 63 == 78. Fourth Brigade, Brig.-Gen. David Stuart, Col. T. Kilby Smith: 55th Ill., Lieut.-Col. Oscar Malmborg; 127th Ill., Col. John Van Arman; 83d Ind., Col. Benjamin J. Spooner; 54th Ohio, Col. T. Kilby Smith; 57th Ohio, Col. William Mungen. Brigade loss: k, 12; w. 39; m, 6 == 57.

Third division, Brig.-Gen. George W. Morgan.

First Brigade, Col. Lionel A. Sheldon: 118th Ill., Col. John G. Fonda; 69th Ind., Col. Thomas W. Bennett; 120th Ohio, Col. Daniel French. Brigade loss: w, 27; m, 2 ==29. Second Brigade, Col. Daniel W. Lindsey: 49th Ind., Col. James Keigwin; 3d Ky., Lieut.-Col. Joel W. Ridgell; 114th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Horatio B. Maynard. Brigade loss: k, 17; w, 68; m, 21 ==106. Third Brigade, Col. John F. De Courcy: 54th Ind., Col. Fielding Mansfield; 22d Ky., Lieut.-Col. George W. Monroe (w), Maj. William J. Worthington; 16th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Philip Kershner (w and c); 42d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Don A. Pardee. Brigade loss: k, 48; w, 321; m, 355 724. Artillery: 7th Mich., Capt. Charles H. Lanphere; 1st Wis., Capt. Jacob T. Foster. Artillery loss: k, 1; w, 13 ==14. Ky. Engineers, Capt. William F. Patterson.

Fourth division, Brig.-Gen. Frederick Steele.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Frank P. Blair, Jr.: 13th Ill., Col. John B. Wyman (k), Lieut.-Col. Adam B. Gorgas; 29th Mo., Col. John S. Cavender; 30th Mo., Lieut.-Col. Otto Schadt; 31st Mo., Col. Thomas C. Fletcher (w and c), Lieut.-Col. Samuel P. Simpson (w); 32d Mo., Col. Francis H. Manter; 58th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Peter Dister (k); 4th Ohio Battery, Capt. Louis Hoffmann; C, 30th Mo. Cav., Lieut. Daniel W. Ballon. Brigade loss: k, 99; w, 331; m, 173 == 603. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Charles E. Hovey: 25th Iowa, Col. George A. Stone; 31st Iowa, Col. William Smyth; 3d Mo., Col. Isaac F. Shepard; 12th Mo., Col. Hugo Wangelin; 17th Mo., Col. Francis Hassendeubel; 76th Ohio, Col. Charles R. Woods; 1st Mo. Horse Art'y, Capt. Clemens Landgraeber. Brigade loss: k, 6; w, 21; m, 2 ==29. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John M. Thayer: 4th Iowa, Col. James A. Williamson; 9th Iowa, Lieut.-Col. William I. Coyl; 26th Iowa, Col. Milo Smith; 28th Iowa, Col. William E. Miller; 30th Iowa, Col. Charles H. Abbott; 34th Iowa, Col. George W. Clark; 1st Iowa Battery, Capt. Henry H. Griffiths. Brigade loss: k, 7; w, 115; m, 2 == 124. Artillery A, 1st Ill., Capt. Peter P. Wood; B, 1st Ill., Capt. Samuel E. Barrett; H, 1st Ill., Lieut. Levi W. Hart; Chicago (Ill.) Mercantile, Capt. Charles G. Cooley; 8th Ohio, Lieut. James F. Putnam; 17th Ohio, Capt. Ambrose A. Blount. Cavalry: 6th Mo., Col. Clark Wright; 3d Ill., Col. Lafayette McCrillis; Thielemann's (Ill.) Battalion. The total loss of the Union army was 208 killed, 1005 wounded, and 563 captured or missing == 1776. The effective strength of the expeditionary force is estimated at about 33,000 men. General Sherman says ( “Official Records,” Vol. XVII., Part I., p. 610) that “the only real fighting was during the assault by Morgan's and Steele's divisions, and at the time of crossing the 6th Missouri, during the afternoon of December 29th, by the Second Division.”

The Confederate forces.

Lieutenant-General John C. Pemberton.
defenses of Vicksburg, Major-General Martin L. Smith, Major-General Carter L. Stevenson.

Barton's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Seth M. Barton: 40th Ga., Col. Abda Johnson (w); 42d Ga., Col. R. J. Henderson; 43d Ga., Lieut.-Col. Hiram P. Bell (w); 52d Ga., Col. C. D. Phillips. Brigade loss: k, 15; w, 39 54. Vaughn's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John C. Vaughn: 79th Tenn., Col. John H. Crawford; 80th Tenn., Col. John A. Rowan; 81st Tenn.,---. Brigade loss: k, 8; w, 10 == 18. Gregg's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John Gregg: 1st Tenn.,---; 3d Tenn., Col. C. J. Clack; 10th Tenn.,---; 30th Tenn., Col. James J. Turner; 41st Tenn.,---; 50th Tenn.,---; 51st Tenn.,---. Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 3==4. Tracy's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. E. D. Tracy: 20th Ala.,---; 23d Ala., Col. F. K. Beck; 30th Ala.,---; 31st Ala.,---.

Provisional division, Brig.-Gen. Stephen D. Lee, Major-Gen. Dabney H. Maury.

Brigade Commanders (Provisional): Colonels William T. Withers and Allen Thomas. Troops: 37th Ala.,---; 40th Ala.. Col. A. A. Coleman; 1st La., Col. S. R. Harrison; 17th La., Col. Robert Richardson; 22d La., Col. Edward Higgins; 26th La., Col. Winchester Hall; 28th La., Lieut.-Col. J. O. Landry; 31st La., Col. C. H. Morrison; 3d Miss.,---; 3d Battalion Miss. State Troops,---; 4th Miss., Col. Pierre S. Layton; 30th Miss.,---; 35th Miss.,---; 46th Miss., Lieut.-Col. W. K. Easterling; Miss. Battery, Capt. Robert Bowman; Miss. Battery, Capt. J. L. Wofford; Miss. Battery (section), Lieut. Frank Johnston; Miss. Battery, Capt. N. J. Drew, Lieut. W. J. Duncan; 2d Tex., Lieut.-Col. W. C. Timmins (w); Hill's Co. Cav.; Johnson's (Miss.) Co. Cav.; Miss. Light Artillery, Maj. S. M. Ward.

The total Confederate loss is reported by General Pemberton as 63 killed, 134 wounded, and 10 missing ==207.

The effective strength, including the reenforcements prior to the withdrawal of the Union forces, was about 25,000. (See “Official Records,” Vol. XVII., Pt. II., pp. 824, 825.)

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