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Confederate forces: Lieut.-General John C. Pemberton.

First division,1 Maj.-Gen. W. W. Loring.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Lloyd Tilghman (k), Col. A. E. Reynolds: 1st Confederate Battalion, Maj. G. H. Forney; 6th Miss., Col. Robert Lowry; 15th Miss., Col. M. Farrell; 20th Miss., Col. D. R. Russell; 23d Miss., Col. J. M. Wells; 26th Miss., Col. A. E. Reynolds, Maj. T. F. Parker; Miss. Battery, Capt. J. J. Cowan; Miss. Battery, Capt. Jacob Culbertson. Brigade loss: Champion's Hill, k, 5; w, 10; m, 42 = 57. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Winfield S. Featherston: 3d Miss., Col. T. A. Mellon; 22d Miss., Lieut.-Col. H. J. Reid; 31st Miss., Col. J. A. Orr; 33d Miss., Col. D. W. Hurst; 1st Miss. Battalion Sharpshooters, Maj. W. A. Rayburn. Brigade loss: Champion's Hill, w, 2; m, 1=3. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Abram Buford: 27th Ala., Col. James Jackson; 35th Ala., Col. Edward Goodwin; 54th Ala., Col. Alpheus Baker (w); 55th Ala., Col. John Snodgrass; 9th Ark., Col. Isaac L. Dunlop; 3d Ky. (4 co's), Maj. J. H. Bowman; 7th Ky., Col. Edward Crossland; 12th La., Col. T. M. Scott; Pointe Coupee (La.) Artillery, Capt. Alcide Bouanchaud. Brigade loss: Champion's Hill, k, 11; w, 49 = 60.

Stevenson's division, Maj.-Gen. Carter L. Stevenson. Staff loss: Champion's Hill, k, 1.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Seth M. Barton: 40th Ga., Col. Abda Johnson, Lieut.-Col. Robert M. Young; 41st Ga., Col. William E. Curtiss; 42d Ga., Col. R. J. Henderson; 43d Ga., Col. Skidmore Harris (k), Capt. M. 5M. Grantham; 52d Ga., Col. C. D. Phillips (m), Maj. John J. Moore; Miss. Battery (Hudson's), Lieut. Milton H. Trantham; La. Battery (Pointe Coupee Artillery), Section Co. A, Lieut. John Yoist; La. Battery (Pointe Coupee Artillery), Co. C, Capt. Alexander Chust. Brigade loss: Champion's Hill, k, 58; w, 106; m, 737=901. Vicksburg (siege), k, 6; w, 20; m, 5= 31. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. E. D. Tracy (k), Col. Isham W. Garrott, Brig.-Gen. Stephen D. Lee; 20th Ala., Col. Isham W. Garrott (k), Col. Edward W. Pettus; 23d Ala., Col. F. K. Beck; 30th Ala., Col. Charles M. Shelley, Capt. John C. Francis; 31st Ala., Col. D. B. Hundley (w), Lieut.-Col. T. M. Arrington, Maj. G. W. Mathieson; 46th Ala., Col. Michael L. Woods (c), Capt. George E. Brewer; Ala. Battery, Capt. James F. Waddell. Brigade loss: Port Gibson, k, 18; w, 112; m, 142=272. Champion's Hill, k, 53; w, 152; m, 609 =814. Vicksburg (siege), k, 79; w, 177; m, 7 = 263. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Alfred Cumming: 34th Ga., Col. James A. W. Johnson; 36th Ga., Col. Jesse A. Glenn, Maj. Charles E. Broyles; 39th Ga., Col. J. T. McConnell (w), Lieut.-Col. J. F. B. Jackson; 56th Ga., Col. E. P. Watkins (w), Lieut.-Col. J. T. Slaughter; 57th Ga., Lieut.-Col. C. S. Guyton, Col. William Barkuloo; Ga. Battery (Cherokee Artillery), Capt. M. Van Der Corput. Brigade loss: Champion's Hill, k, 121; w, 269; m, 605 =995. Vicksburg (siege), k, 22; w, 74=96. Fourth Brigade, Col. A. W. Reynolds: 3d Tenn. (Prov. Army), Col. N. J. Lillard; 31st Tenn., Col. William M. Bradford; 43d Tenn., Col. James W. Gillespie; 59th Tenn., Col. William L. Eakin; 3d Md. Battery, Capt. F. O. Claiborne (k), Capt. John B. Rowan. Brigade loss: Champion's Hill, m, 152. Big Black Bridge, m, 12. Vicksburg (siege), k, 1 4; w, 25; m, 14= 53. Texas Legion, Col. T. N. Waul: 1st Battalion (infantry), Maj. Eugene S. Bolling; 2d Battalion (infantry), Lieut.-Col. James Wrigley; Cav. Battalion, Lieut. Thomas J. Cleveland; Art'y Co., Capt. J. Q. Wall. Legion loss: Vicksburg (siege), k, 47; w, 190; m, 8=245. Attached Troops: C, 1st Tenn. Cav. (Carter's), Capt. R. S. Vandyke; Va. Battery (Botetourt Art'y), Capt. J. W. Johnston, Lieut. James P. Wright.

Forney's division, Maj.-Gen. John H. Forney.

Hebert's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Louis Hibert: 3d La., Lieut.-Col. S. D. Russell, Maj. David Pierson (w); 21st La., Col. Charles H. Herrick (m w), Lieut.-Col. J. T. Plattsmier; 36th Miss., Col. W. W. Witherspoon; 37th Miss., Col. O. S. Holland; 38th Miss., Capt. D. B. Seal; 43d Miss., Col. Richard Harrison; 7th Miss. Battalion, Capt. A. M. Dozier; C, 2d Ala. Art'y Battalion, Lieut. John R. Sclater; Ark. (Appeal) Battery, Capt. W. N. Hogg (k), Lieut. R. N. Cotten. Brigade loss: Vicksburg (siege), k, 219; w, 455; m, 21==695. Moore's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John C. Moore: 37th Ala., Col. J. F. Dowdell; 40th Ala., Col. John H. Higley; 42d Ala., Col. John W. Portis, Lieut.-Col. Thomas C. Lanier; 1st Miss. Light Art'y (Batteries A, C, D, E, G, and I), Col. William T. Withers; 35th Miss., Col. William S. Barry, Lieut.-Col. C. R. Jordan; 40th Miss., Col. W. B. Colbert; 2d Tex., Col. Ashbel Smith; Ala. Battery, Capt. H. H. Sengstak; La. Battery (Pointe Coupee Art'y), Capt. William A. Davidson. Brigade loss: Vicksburg (siege), k, 121; w, 304 = 425.

Smith's division, Maj.-Gen. Martin L. Smith.

First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. W. E. Baldwin: 17th La., Col. Robert Richardson; 31st La., Col. S. H. Griffin (k), Lieut.-Col. James W. Draughon; 4th Miss., Lieut.-Col. T. W. Adaire (w), Capt. Thomas P. Nelson; 46th Miss., Col. C. W. Sears; Tenn. Battery, Capt. Thomas F. Tobin. Brigade loss: Port Gibson, k, 12; w, 48; m, 27 = 87. Vaughn's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. J. C. Vaughn: 60th Tenn., Capt. J. W. Bachman; 61st Tenn., Lieut.-Col. James G. Rose; 62d Tenn., Col. John A. Rowan. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Francis A. Shoup: 26th La., Col. Winchester Hall (w), Lieut.-Col. William C. Crow; 27th La., Col. L. D. Marks (m w), Lieut.-Col. L. L. McLaurin (k), Capt. Joseph T. Hatch; 28th La., Col. Allen Thomas; Ark. Battery (McNally's). Brigade loss: Vicksburg (siege), k, 107; w, 199 = 306. Mississippi State Troops (under Vaughn's command), Brig.-Gen. John V. Harris: 5th Reg't, Col. H. C. Robinson; 3d Battalion, Lieut.-Col. Thomas A. Burgin. Attached Troops: 14th [550] Miss. Art'y Battalion, Maj. M. S. Ward; Miss. Partisan Rangers, Capt. J. S. Smyth.

Bowen's division, Maj.-Gen. John S. Bowen.

First (Missouri) Brigade, Col. Francis M. Cockrell: 1st and 4th Mo., Col. A. C. Riley; 2d Mo., Lieut.-Col. P. S. Senteny (k), Maj. Thomas M. Carter; 3d Mo., Lieut.-Col. F. L. Hubbell (m w), Col. W. R. Gause, Maj. J. K. McDowell; 5th Mo., Lieut.-Col. R. S. Bevier, Col. James McCown; 6th Mo., Col. Eugene Erwin (k), Maj. Stephen Cooper; Mo. Battery (Guibor's), Lieut. William Corkery, Lieut. Cornelius Hefferman; Mo. Battery, Capt. John C. Landis, Lieut. John M. Langan; Mo. Battery, (Wade's), Lieut. Richard C. Walsh. Brigade loss: Port Gibson, k, 13; w, 97; m, 96= 206. Champion's Hill, k, 65; w, 293; m, 242 = 600. Big Black Bridge, k, 2. Vicksburg (siege), k, 113; w, 446 = 559. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Martin E. Green (k), Col. T. P. Dockery: 15th Ark., Capt. Caleb Davis; 19th Ark., Col. T. P. Dockery, Capt. James K. Norwood; 20th Ark., Col. D. W. Jones; 21st Ark., Col. J. E. Cravens, Capt. A Tyler; 1st Ark. Cav. Battalion (dismounted), Capt. John J. Clark; 12th Ark. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Capt. Griff. Bayne (w), Lieut. John S. Bell; 1st Mo. Cav. (dismounted), Col. Elijah Gates, Major William C. Parker; 3d Mo. Cav. (dismounted), Captain Felix Lotspeich; 3d Mo. Battery, Captain William E. Dawson; Mo. Battery (Lowe's), Lieutenant Thomas B. Catron; Stirman's Battalion, Colonel Ras. Stirman. Brigade loss: Port Gibson, k, 17; w, 83; in, 122 =222. Champion's Hill, k, 65; w, 137; m, 65 =268. Big Black Bridge, k, 1; w, 9; m, 1012 = 1022.

River-batteries, Col. Edward Higgins: 1st La. Artillery, Lieut.-Col. D. Beltzhoover; 8th La. Artillery Battalion, Maj. F. N. Ogden; 23d La., Capt. Samuel Jones; 1st Tenn. Artillery, Col. A. Jackson, Jr.; Tenn. Battery, Capt. J. B. Caruthers; Tenn. Battery, Capt. T. N. Johnston; Tenn. Battery, Capt. J. P. Lynch; Miss. Battery (Vaiden), Capt. S. C. Bains.

Miscellaneous troops: 54th Ala. (detachment), Lieut. Joel P. Abney; City Guards, Capt. E. B. Martin; Miss. Cavalry, Col. Wirt Adams.

Johnston's forces (engaged only at Raymond and Jackson), General Joseph E. Johnston (in chief command of the departments of Generals Bragg, E. Kirby Smith, and Pemberton).

Gregg's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John Gregg: 1st Tenn. Battalion, Maj. S. H. Colms; 3d Tenn., Col. C. H. Walker; 10th and 30th Tenn., Col. R. W. MacGavock (k), Lieut.-Col. James J. Turner; 41st Tenn., Col. R. Farquharson; 50th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. T. W. Beaumont (w); 7th Tex., Col. H. B. Granbury; Mo. Battery, Capt. H. M. Bledsoe. Brigade loss: Raymond, k, 73; w, 251; m, 190 =514. Gist's Brigade, Col. Peyton H. Colquitt: 46th Ga. (5 co's), Capt. T. B. Hancock; 14th Miss., Lieut.-Col. W. L. Doss; 24th S. C., Lieut.-Col. Ellison Capers; Miss. Bat'y, Capt. J. A. Hoskins. Brigade loss: Jackson, k, 17; w, 64; m, 118 ==198. Walker's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. W. H. T. Walker: 1st Bat'n Ga. Sharp-shooters, Maj. A Shaaff; Ga. Bat'y, Capt. R. Martin. Unattached, 3d Ky. (mounted), Col. A. P. Thompson; 8th Ky. (mounted), Col. H. B. Lyon.

After Grant's withdrawal from Jackson to Vicksburg the reinforcements received by Johnston consisted of the brigades of Rust and Maxey from Port Hudson; Ector's and McNair's brigades and the divisions of Breckinridge and W. H. Jackson from Tennessee; Evans's brigade from Charleston; and the division of Loring, from the force under Pemberton. [See p. 487.] On June 4th Johnston's effectives numbered, according to his own report, 24,000. [See also pp. 478, 479, 480.]--editors.

Incomplete reports of Confederate losses from May 1st to July 3d, inclusive, aggregate 1260 killed, 3572 wounded, and 4227 captured or missing = 9059. Complete returns would doubtless swellthe numberto over 10,000. According to the parole lists on file in the War Departmnent the number surrendered on July 4th was 29,491. Of course this included all the non-combatants. Pemberton's greatest available force, including the troops confronting Grant at Raymond and Jackson, probably numbered over 40,000. General Grant estimated it at nearly 60,000. General Pemberton says in his official report that when he moved within the defenses of Vicksburg his effective aggregate did not exceed 28,000.

Wreck of the “star of the West,” in the Tallahatchie River, opposite the site of Fort Pemberton. From a photograph taken in 1887.

It was the steamer Star of the West that was used in the unsuccessful effort to reenforce Fort Sumter in January, 1861. She was at New Orleans when Louisiana seceded, and was seized by the State authorities. S. B. Morgan, of Greenwood, Mississippi, wrote to the editors, January 12th, 1888, that the Star of the West was sunk in the Tallahatchie on March 13th, 1863, under the parapet of Fort Pemberton, to prevent Union gun-boats, that had entered by way of Yazoo Pass, from passing from the Tallahatchie into the Yazoo River. [See map, p. 442.]

1 The major portion of this division was separated from Pemberton after the battle of Champion's Hill, and joined the forces with General Joseph E. Johnston (Pemberton's superior officer) at Jackson, Mississippi.--editors.

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John C. Vaughn (1)
R. S. Vandyke (1)
Vaiden (1)
James J. Turner (1)
Milton H. Trantham (1)
E. D. Tracy (1)
Thomas F. Tobin (1)
Lloyd Tilghman (1)
A. P. Thompson (1)
Allen Thomas (1)
Stirman (1)
Carter L. Stevenson (1)
John Snodgrass (1)
J. S. Smyth (1)
Martin Luther Smith (1)
Edmund Kirby Smith (1)
J. T. Slaughter (1)
Francis A. Shoup (1)
Charles M. Shelley (1)
P. S. Senteny (1)
H. H. Sengstak (1)
C. W. Sears (1)
D. B. Seal (1)
T. M. Scott (1)
John R. Sclater (1)
Albert Rust (1)
S. D. Russell (1)
D. R. Russell (1)
John B. Rowan (1)
John A. Rowan (1)
James G. Rose (1)
H. C. Robinson (1)
A. C. Riley (1)
Robert Richardson (1)
Alexander W. Reynolds (1)
H. J. Reid (1)
W. A. Rayburn (1)
Ras (1)
John W. Portis (1)
J. T. Plattsmier (1)
David Pierson (1)
C. D. Phillips (1)
Edward W. Pettus (1)
William C. Parker (1)
T. F. Parker (1)
J. A. Orr (1)
F. N. Ogden (1)
James K. Norwood (1)
Thomas P. Nelson (1)
S. B. Morgan (1)
John C. Moore (1)
T. A. Mellon (1)
McNally (1)
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L. L. McLaurin (1)
J. K. McDowell (1)
James McCown (1)
J. T. McConnell (1)
Samuel B. Maxey (1)
G. W. Mathieson (1)
Robert Martin (1)
E. B. Martin (1)
L. D. Marks (1)
R. W. MacGavock (1)
H. B. Lyon (1)
J. P. Lynch (1)
Robert Lowry (1)
S. D. Lowe (1)
Felix Lotspeich (1)
William W. Loring (1)
W. W. Loring (1)
N. J. Lillard (1)
Stephen D. Lee (1)
Thomas C. Lanier (1)
John M. Langan (1)
John C. Landis (1)
C. R. Jordan (1)
Samuel Jones (1)
D. W. Jones (1)
J. W. Johnston (1)
James A. W. Johnson (1)
Abda Johnson (1)
James Jackson (1)
J. F. B. Jackson (1)
D. W. Hurst (1)
D. B. Hundley (1)
F. L. Hubbell (1)
J. A. Hoskins (1)
O. S. Holland (1)
W. N. Hogg (1)
John H. Higley (1)
Edward Higgins (1)
Louis Hibert (1)
Charles H. Herrick (1)
R. J. Henderson (1)
Cornelius Hefferman (1)
Hebert (1)
Joseph T. Hatch (1)
Richard Harrison (1)
Skidmore Harris (1)
John V. Harris (1)
T. B. Hancock (1)
Winchester Hall (1)
C. S. Guyton (1)
Guibor (1)
S. H. Griffin (1)
Griff (1)
Martin E. Green (1)
Grantham (1)
H. B. Granbury (1)
Edward Goodwin (1)
Jesse A. Glenn (1)
William M. Gist (1)
James W. Gillespie (1)
W. R. Gause (1)
Elijah Gates (1)
John C. Francis (1)
John H. Forney (1)
Winfield S. Featherston (1)
M. Farrell (1)
R. Farquharson (1)
Clement A. Evans (1)
Eugene Erwin (1)
M. D. Ector (1)
William L. Eakin (1)
Isaac L. Dunlop (1)
James W. Draughon (1)
A. M. Dozier (1)
J. F. Dowdell (1)
W. L. Doss (1)
William E. Dawson (1)
Caleb Davis (1)
William A. Davidson (1)
William E. Curtiss (1)
Alfred Cumming (1)
Jacob Culbertson (1)
William C. Crow (1)
Edward Crossland (1)
J. E. Cravens (1)
J. J. Cowan (1)
R. N. Cotten (1)
M. Van Der Corput (1)
William Corkery (1)
Stephen Cooper (1)
Peyton H. Colquitt (1)
S. H. Colms (1)
W. B. Colbert (1)
Francis M. Cockrell (1)
Thomas J. Cleveland (1)
John J. Clark (1)
F. O. Claiborne (1)
Alexander Chust (1)
Thomas B. Catron (1)
J. B. Caruthers (1)
Ellison Capers (1)
Thomas A. Burgin (1)
Abram Buford (1)
Charles E. Broyles (1)
George E. Brewer (1)
John C. Breckinridge (1)
Braxton Bragg (1)
William M. Bradford (1)
J. H. Bowman (1)
Alcide Bouanchaud (1)
Eugene S. Bolling (1)
H. M. Bledsoe (1)
R. S. Bevier (1)
D. Beltzhoover (1)
John S. Bell (1)
F. K. Beck (1)
T. W. Beaumont (1)
Thomas M. Bayne (1)
Seth M. Barton (1)
William S. Barry (1)
William Barkuloo (1)
W. E. Baldwin (1)
Alpheus Baker (1)
S. C. Bains (1)
J. W. Bachman (1)
T. M. Arrington (1)
Wirt Adams (1)
T. W. Adaire (1)
Joel P. Abney (1)
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