The opposing forces at Knoxville, Tenn.: November 17th-December 4th, 1863.

For much of the information contained in this list and in similar lists to follow, the editors are indebted (in advance of the publication of the “Official Records” ) to Brigadier-General Richard C. Drum, Adjutant-General of the Army. K stands for killed; w for wounded; m w for mortally wounded; m for captured or missing; c for captured.

The Union army.

army of the Ohio--Major-General Ambrose E. Burnside.
Ninth Army Corps, Brig.-Gen. Robert B. Potter.

Escort: 6th Ind. Cav. (4 co's), Col. James Biddle. Loss: k, 1; w, 1; m, 1==3.

First division, Brig.-Gen. Edward Ferrero.

First Brigade, Col. David Morrison: 36th Mass., Maj. William F. Draper; 8th Mich., Lieut.-Col. Ralph Ely; 79th N. Y., Capt. William S. Montgomery; 45th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Francis M. Hills. Brigade loss: k, 4; w, 19; m, 6==29. Second Brigade, Col. Benjamin C. Christ: 29th Mass., Col. Ebenezer W. Peirce; 27th Mich., Maj. William B. Wright; 46th N. Y., Capt. Alphons Serieri; 50th Pa., Maj. Edward Overton, Jr. Brigade loss: k, 15; w, 25; m, 24==64. Third Brigade, Col. William Humphrey: 2d Mich., Maj. Cornelius Byington (m w), Capt. John C. Ruehl; 17th Mich., Lieut.-Col. Lorin L. Comstock (k), Capt. Frederick W. Swift; 20th Mich., Maj. Byron M. Cutcheon; 100th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Matthew M. Dawson. Brigade loss: k, 18; w, 102; m, 46==166. Artillery: 34th N. Y., Capt. Jacob Roemer; D, 1st R. I., Capt. William W. Buckley. Artillery loss: w, 2.

Second division, Col. John F. Hartranft.

First Brigade, Col. Joshua K. Sigfried: 2d Md., Col. Thomas B. Allard; 21st Mass., Lieut.-Col. George P. Hawkes; 48th Pa., Maj. Joseph A. Gilmour. Brigade loss: k, 5; w, 27; m, 32==64. Second Brigade, Lieut.-Col. Edwin Schall: 35th Mass., Maj. Nathaniel Wales; 11th N. H., Capt. Leander W. Cogswell; 51st Pa., Maj. William J. Bolton. Brigade loss: k, 4; w, 7; m, 3==14.

unattached: E, 2d U. S. Art'y, Lieut. Samuel N. Benjamin.

twenty-Third Army Corps, Brig.-Gen. Mahlon D. Manson.

General Headquarters: McLaughlin's Ohio Squadron Cav., Maj. Richard Rice; Eng. Battalion, Capt. O. S. McClure.

Second division, Brig.-Gen. Julius White, Staff loss: m, 2.

Second Brigade, Col. Marshall W. Chapin: 107th 11., Lieut.-Col. Francis H. Lowry; 13th Ky., Col. William E. Hobson; 23d Mich., Maj. William W. Wheeler; 111th Ohio, Maj. Isaac R. Sherwood; Ill. Battery, Capt. Edward C. Henshaw. Brigade loss: w, 13; m, 4==17.

Third division, Brig.-Gen. Milo S. Hascall.

First Brigade, Col. James W. Reilly: 44th Ohio, Maj. Alpheus S. Moore; 100th Ohio, Col. Patrick S. Slevin; 104th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Oscar W. Sterl; D, 1st Ohio Art'y, Lieut. William H. Pease. Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 15; m, 7==24. Second Brigade, Col. Daniel Cameron: 65th Ill., Lieut.-Col. William S. Stewart; 24th Ky., Col. John S. Hunt; 103d Ohio, Capt. John T. Philpot; Ind. Battery, Capt. Hubbard T. Thomas. Brigade loss: k, 9; w, 97; m, 2==108.

Reserve artillery, Capt. Andrew J. Konkle: 24th Ind., Capt. Joseph A. Sims; 19th Ohio, Capt. Joseph C. Shields.

Provisional Brigade, Col. William A. Hoskins: 12th [752] Ky., Maj. Joseph M. Owens; 8th Tenn., Col. Felix A. Reeve. Tennessee Brigade, Col. John S. Casement.

cavalry Corps, Brig.-Gen. James M. Shackelford.

First division, Brig.-Gen. William P. Sanders (m w), Col. Frank Wolford. Staff loss: m w, 1.

First Brigade, Col. Frank Wolford, Lieut.-Col. Silas Adams: 1st Ky., Lieut.-Col. Silas Adams; 11th Ky.,----; 12th Ky.,----; Law's Howitzer Battery,----. Brigade loss: k, 5; w, 9; m, 10==24. Second Brigade, Lieut.-Col. Emery S. Bond: 112th Ill. (mounted infantry), Maj. Tristram T. Dow; 8th Mich.,----; 45th Ohio (mounted infantry),----; 15th Ind. Battery,----. Brigade loss: k, 25; w, 63; m, 64==152. Third Brigade, Col. Charles D. Pennebaker: 11th Ky., Col. S. Palace Love; 27th Ky., Lieut.-Col. John H. Ward. Brigade loss: k, 4; w, 12; m, 1==17.

Second division.

First Brigade, Col. Israel Garrard: 2d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. George A. Purington; 7th Ohio,----; 2d Tenn. (infantry),----. Brigade loss: m, 5. Total Union loss: killed 92, wounded 394, captured or missing, 207==693.

In his official report General Burnside says: “Our force at this time [commencement of the siege] in Knoxville was about 12,000 effective men, exclusive of the new recruits of loyal Tennesseeans.”

The Confederate army.

Lieut.-Gen. James Longstreet. Staff loss: w, 1.
McLaws's division, Maj.-Gen. Lafayette McLaws.

Kershaws's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Joseph B. Kershaw: 2d S. C., Col. John D. Kennedy (w), Lieut.-Col. F. Gaillard; 3d S. C., Col. James D. Nance; 7th S. C., Capt. E. J. Goggans; 8th S. C., Col. J. W. Henagan, Capt. D. McIntyre; 15th S. C., Maj. William M. Gist (k), Capt. J. B. Davis; 3d S. C. Battalion, Lieut.-Col. W. G. Rice. Brigade loss: k, 19; w, 116; m, 3==138. Wofford's Brigade, Col. . Z. Ruff (k), Lieut.-Col. N. L. Hutchins, Jr.: 16th Ga., Lieut.-Col. Henry P. Thomas (k); 18th Ga., Capt. John A. Crawford; 24th Ga., Capt. N. J. Dortch; Cobb's (Ga.) Legion, Maj. William D. Conyers; Phillips (Ga.) Legion, Maj. Joseph Hamilton (w); 3d Ga. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Lieut.-Col. N. L. Hutchins, Jr. Brigade loss: k, 48; w, 121; m, 81==250. Humphreys's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Benjamin G. Humphreys: 13th Miss., Col. Kennon McElroy (k), Maj. G. L. Donald; 17th Miss., Lieut.-Col. John C. Fiser (w); 18th Miss., Col. Thomas M. Griffin; 21st Miss., Col. W. L. Brandon. Brigade loss: k, 21; w, 105; m, 56==182. Bryan's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Goode Bryan: 10th Ga., Lieut.-Col. Willis C. Holt; 50th Ga., Col. P. McGlashan; 51st Ga., Col. E. Ball; 53d Ga., Col. James P. Simms (w). Brigade loss: k, 27; w, 121; m, 64==212.

Hood's division, Brig.-Gen. Micah Jenkins.

Jenkins's Brigade, Col. John Bratton: 1st S. C., Col. F. W. Kilpatrick; 2d S. C. Rifles, Col. Thomas Thomson; 5th S. C., Col. A. Coward; 6th S. C.----; Hampton (S. C.) Legion, Col. M. W. Gary; Palmetto (S. C.) Sharpshooters, Col. Joseph Walker. Brigade loss: k, 22; w, 109; m, 5==136. Robertson's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Jerome B. Robertson: 3d Ark., Col. Van H. Manning; 1st Tex., Col. A. T. Rainey; 4th Tex., Col. J. C. G. Key; 5th Tex., Col. R. M. Powell. Brigade loss: k, 9; w, 18; m, 6==33. Law's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. E. McIver Law: 4th Ala., Col. P. D. Bowles; 15th Ala., Col. W. C. Oates; 44th Ala., Col. W. F. Perry; 47th Ala., Col. M. J. Bulger; 48th Ala., Col. James L. Sheffield. Brigade loss: k, 15; w, 69; m, 8==92. Anderson's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. G. T. Anderson: 7th Ga., Col. W. W. White; 8th Ga., Col. John R. Towers; 9th Ga., Col. Benjamin Beck; 11th Ga., Col. F. H. Little; 59th Ga., Col. Jack Brown. Brigade loss: k, 36; w, 186; mn, 25==247. Benning's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Henry L. Benning: 2d Ga., Col. E. M. Butt; 15th Ga., Col. D. M. Du Bose; 17th Ga., Col. Wesley C. Hodges; 20th Ga., Col. J. D. Waddell. Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 5==6.

artillery, Col. E. P. Alexander.

Leyden's Battalion, Maj. A. Leyden: Ga. Battery, Capt. Tyler M. Peeples; Ga. Battery, Capt. A. M. Wolihin; Ga. Battery, Capt. B. W. York. Alexander's Battalion, Maj. Frank Huger: La. Battery, Capt. G. V. Moody; Va. Battery, Capt. W. W. Fickling; Va. Battery, Capt. Tyler C. Jordan; Va. Battery, Capt. William W. Parker; Va. Battery, Capt. Osmond B. Taylor; Va. Battery, Capt. Pichigru Woolfolk, Jr. Artillery loss: k, 2; w, 2==4.

Buckner's division,1 Brig.-Gen. Bushrod R. Johnson.

Gracie's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Archibald Gracie, Jr.: 41st Ala., Lieut.-Col. T. G. Trimmier; 43d Ala., Col. Y. M. Moody; 59th Ala., Lieut.-Col. J. D. McLennan; 60th Ala., Col. J. W. A. Sanford. Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 1==2. Johnson's Brigade, Col. John S. Fulton: 17th and 23d Tenn., Lieut.-Col. W. W. Floyd; 25th and 44th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. J. L. McEwen, Jr.; 63d Tenn., Maj. J. A. Aiken. Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 19==21.

cavalry Corps, Maj.-Gen. Joseph Wheeler, Maj.-Gen. William T. Martin.

Division commanders: Maj.-Gen. William T. Martin, Brig.-Gen's F. C. Armstrong and John T. Morgan. Brigade commanders: Colonels Thomas Harrison, A. A. Russell, C. C. Crews, and George G. Dibrell. Troops: Parts of 4th, 8th, 9th, and 11th Tenn., 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, and 6th Ga., 1st, 3d, 4th, 7th, and 51st Ala., 3d Ark., 8th and 11th Tex., and 1st and 8th Confederate regiments, and Wiggins's Battery. Cavalry loss (estimated): k, w and m, 200.

Ransom's cavalry.2

Jones's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. William E. Jones: 8th Va., Col. James M. Corns; 21st Va.,----; 27th Va. Battalion,----; 34th Va. Battalion, Col. V. A. Witcher; 36th Va. Battalion,----; 27th Va. Battalion,----. Giltner's Brigade, Col. H. L. Giltner: 16th Ga. Battalion, Maj. E. Y. Clark; 4th Ky., Maj. N. Parker; 10th Ky., Lieut.-Col. Edwin Trimble; 1st Tenn., Col. James E. Carter; 64th Va., Col. Campbell Slemp; Va. Battery, Capt. William N. Lowry.

The total Confederate loss (minus the cavalry, not reported) was 182 killed, 768 wounded, and 192 captured or missing==1142. The loss in the cavalry is estimated at 250.

The effective strength of the forces under Longstreet's command probably numbered 20,000.

1 Joined November 26th-28th.

2 Joined November 27th-28th.

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Ebenezer W. Peirce (1)
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William H. Pease (1)
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N. Parker (1)
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F. W. Kilpatrick (1)
J. C. G. Key (1)
Kershaws (1)
Joseph B. Kershaw (1)
John D. Kennedy (1)
Tyler C. Jordan (1)
John S. Hunt (1)
William Humphrey (1)
Frank Huger (1)
William A. Hoskins (1)
John B. Hood (1)
Willis C. Holt (1)
Wesley C. Hodges (1)
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Richard C. Drum (1)
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G. L. Donald (1)
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Matthew M. Dawson (1)
J. B. Davis (1)
Byron M. Cutcheon (1)
C. C. Crews (1)
John A. Crawford (1)
A. Coward (1)
James M. Corns (1)
William D. Conyers (1)
Lorin L. Comstock (1)
Leander W. Cogswell (1)
Thomas R. R. Cobb (1)
E. Y. Clark (1)
Benjamin C. Christ (1)
Marshall W. Chapin (1)
John S. Casement (1)
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