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The voyage of Master Henry Austell by Venice and thence to Ragusa over land, and so to Constantinople: and from thence by Moldavia , Polonia , Silesia and Germanie to Hamburg, &c.

THE 9. of June we tooke shipping at Harewich and the next day landed at the Ramekins in the Isle of Walcheren with very stormy weather, and that night went to Middleburch in the same Island.

The twelft we tooke shipping for Holland , and the 13. we landed at Schiedam : and the same day went to Delft by boat, and so that night to the Hage .

The 17. we tooke shipping at Amsterdam , and the 18. we landed at Enckhuysen.

The 19. we tooke shipping and by the Zuydersee we passed that day the Ulie, and so into the maine sea; And the next day we entred into the river of Hamburg called the Elbe .

The 21. we came to anker in the same river before a towne of the bishop of Breme called Staden , where they pay a certaine toll, and specially for wine, and so that night wee landed at Hamburg, where we stayde three dayes.

The 24. wee departed from Hamburg in the company of Edward Parish Marchant, and that day wee baited at Wyntson, and so over the heathes we left Lunenburg on the left hand, and travailed all that night.

The 25. we met with Master Sanders upon the heathes, and passed by a towne of the duke of Lunenborg called Geffherne, and from thence through many waters, wee lay that night within an English mile of Brunswig.

The 27. we lay at Halberstat, which is a great towne subject to the bishop of that towne.

The 28. we baited at Erinsleiben : and there wee entred into the duke of Saxon his countrey: and the same night we lay at a towne called Eisleben , where Martine Luther was borne.

The 29. we passed by Mansfield , where there are many Copper mines: and so that night went to Neuburg upon the river of Sala ; and at that time there was a great faire.

The 30. we baited at a proper towne called Jena upon the same river, and the same night wee lay at Cone upon that river.

The first of July we baited at Salfeld: and the same day we entred first into the great woods of firre trees, and that night to Grevandal; The second to dinner to

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