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[Scene IV.]

Enter Anthony and Octauia.

Nay, nay Octauia, not onely that,
That were excuſable, that and thouſands more
Of ſemblable import, but he hath wag'd
New Warres 'gainſt Pompey. Made his will, and read it,
To publicke eare, ſpoke ſcantly of me,
When perforce he could not
But pay me tearmes of Honour: cold and ſickly
He vented then moſt narrow meaſure: lent me,
When the beſt hint was giuen him: he not look't,
Or did it from his teeth.

Oh my good Lord,
Beleeue not all, or if you muſt beleeue,
Stomacke not all. A more vnhappie Lady,
If this deuiſion chance, ne're ſtood betweene
Praying for both parts:
The good Gods wil mocke me preſently,
When I ſhall pray: Oh bleſſe my Lord, and Husband,
Vndo that prayer, by crying out as loud,
Oh bleſſe my Brother. Husband winne, winne Brother,
Prayes, and diſtroyes the prayer, no midway
'Twixt theſe extreames at all.

Gentle Octauia,
Let your beſt loue draw to that point which ſeeks
Beſt to preſerue it: if I looſe mine Honour,
I looſe my ſelfe: better I were not yours
Then your ſo branchleſſe. But as you requeſted,
Your ſelfe ſhall go between's, the meane time Lady,
Ile raiſe the preparation of a Warre
Shall ſtaine your Brother, make your ſooneſt haſt,
So your deſires are yours.

Thanks to my Lord,
The Ioue of power make me moſt weake, moſt weake,
You reconciler: Warres 'twixt you twaine would be,
As if the world ſhould cleaue, and that ſlaine men
Should ſoader vp the Rift.

When it appeeres to you where this begins,
Turne your diſpleaſure that way, for our faults
Can neuer be ſo equall, that your loue
Can equally moue with them. Prouide your going,
Chooſe your owne company, and command what coſt
Your heart he's mind too. Exeunt.

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