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καὶ ὡς—so καί ch. 56, 22. If πυθόμενοι δέ were read we might compare ch. 44, 2, ἀκούσαντες...καὶ ἐπειδὴ ἔγνωσαν. διῆλθεν—so ch. 50, 24. It has been suggested that Thucydides uses this expression here, instead of the more usual τὸ θέρος ἐτελεύτα, because of the inconclusive character of this summer's doings.

Ἀγησιππίδαν—probably the same as Ἡγησιππίδας ch. 52, 3. ἐπεκαλουν—of complaining, ch. 59, 29: iv. 23, 1, ἀδίκημα ἐπικαλέσαντες.

γεγραμμένον—accusative absolute, like εἰρημένον, ch. 30, 10: δεδογμένον i. 125, 2. The clause in question is in ch. 47, 35; the Athenians, as masters of the sea, being thus held responsible for maintaining a blockade.

τοὺς Μεσσηνίους—see ch. 35, 36. ἀδικήσεσθαι—passive future, as in vi. 87, 4: Eur. Iph. A. 1437 etc.: often in Dem.

τῇ Λακωνικῇ—see ch. 18, 62: ch. 23, 26. ὑπἑγραψαν—‘this was an intermediate step, to show that they did not renounce the treaty with Lacedaemon utterly. Had they done so, the monument on which the treaty was engraved would have been destroyed altogether: see Dem. Megal. 209, δεῖ τὰς στήλας καθελεῖν τὰς πρὸς Θηβαίους’ (Arnold). ὑπογράφω is here used in the literal sense of subjoining or adding a note. In Dem. Pantaen. 973, ὑπογράψας ἐπιβουλεῦσαί με αὐτῷ is usually mis-translated: it means ‘after starting with the statement that I plotted against him’, ὑπό being used as in ὑπάρχω, ὑποτίθημι etc. see note on iv. 4, 3. With the present passage Kruger compares Ar. Lys. 513, τί βεβούλευται περὶ τῶν σπονδῶν ἐν τῇ στήλῃ παραγράψαι;

τοὺς ἐκ Κραν<*>´ων—see ch. 35, 6: for construction cf. such phrases as οἱ ἐκ τῶν νήσων κακοῦργοι, i. 8, 2. ληίζεσθαι— infinitive of purpose (Goodwin § 770): cf. vi. 50, 4, δέκα τῶν νεῶν προὔπεμψαν ἐς τὸν λιμένα πλεῦσαι. ληίζομαι seems always middle iu Thucydides: Classen accordingly reads ἐληίζοντο for ἐλήιζόν τε, iv. 41, 2. ἐκ παρασκευῆςἐκ φανερᾶς παρατάξεως (Schol.): cf. iv. 94, 1, ψιλοὶ ἐκ παρασκευῆς ὡπλισμἐνοι, ‘regularly armed’, ὡς τύχοιεν—the optative, like the following imperfect, denotes indefinite frequency.

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