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April 6-7, 1862.-battle of Pittsburg Landing, or Shiloh, Tenn.

Reports, etc.

No. 1.-Maj. Gen. Henry W. Halleck, U. S. Army, commanding Department of the Mississippi.

No. 2.-Organization of the Union forces engaged and return of casualties, compiled from the nominal lists, returns, &c., for April, 1862.

Army of the Tennessee.

No. 3-Maj. Gen. U. S. Grant, U. S. Army, commanding Army of the Tennessee, with abstracts from the field returns of the several divisions, April 4-5 and April 10-15, 1862.

No. 4.-Maj. Gen. John A. McClernand, U. S. Army, commanding First Division.

No. 5.-Col. Abraham M. Hare, Eleventh Iowa Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

No. 6.-Col. Marcellus M. Crocker, Thirteenth Iowa Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

No. 7.-Capt. Robert H. Sturgess, Eighth Illinois Infantry.

No. 8.-Capt. J. J. Anderson, Eighteenth Illinois Infantry.

No. 9.-Lieut. Col. William Hall, Eleventh Iowa Infantry.

No. 10.-Col. Marcellus M. Crocker, Thirteenth Iowa Infantry.

No. 11.-Col. C. Carroll Marsh, Twentieth Illinois Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 12.-Lieut. Col. Thomas E. G. Ransom, Eleventh Illinois Infantry.

No. 13.-Lieut. Abram H. Ryan, Seventeenth Illinois Infantry, Acting Assistant Adjutant-General, Third Brigade.

No. 14.-Lieut. Col. Enos P. Wood, Seventeenth Illinois Infantry.

No. 16.-Lieut. Col. Adolph Engelmann, Forty-third Illinois Infantry.

No. 16.-Lieut. George L. Nispel, Battery E, Second Illinois Light Artillery.

No. 17.-Brig. Gen. John McArthur, U. S. Army, commanding Second Division.

No. 18.--Col. James M. Tuttle, Second Iowa Infantry, commanding Second Division and First Brigade.

No. 19.-Lieut. Col. James C. Parrott, Seventh Iowa Infantry.

No. 20.-Col. Joseph J. Woods, Twelfth Iowa Infantry.

No. 21.-Colonel William T. Shaw, Fourteenth Iowa Infantry.

No. 22.-Col. August Mersy, Ninth Illinois Infantry (of the Second Brigade).

No. 23.-Lieut. Col. Augustus L. Chetlain, Twelfth Illinois Infantry.

No. 24.-Capt. James B. Hugnnin, Twelfth Illinois Infantry. [94]

No. 25.-Col. Crafts J. Wright, Thirteenth Missouri Infantry.

No. 26.-Col. B. S. Compton, Fourteenth Missouri Infantry.

No. 27.-Col. Thomas Morton, Eighty-first Ohio Infantry.

No. 28.-Maj. Richard Rowett, Seventh Illinois Infantry (of the Third Brigade).

No. 29.-Capt. Robert W. Healy, Fifty-eighth Illinois Infantry.

No. 30.-Col. James L. Geddes, Eighth Iowa Infantry.

No. 31.-Capt. Henry Richardson, Battery D, First Missouri Light Artillery.

No. 32.-Capt. Frederick Welker, Battery H, First Missouri Light Artillery.

No. 33.-Lieut. James Powell, Eighteenth U. S. Infantry, commanding detachment Second and Fourth U. S. Cavalry.

No. 34.-Maj. Gen. Lewis Wallace, U. S. Army, commanding Third Division, with communications in reference thereto.

No. 35.-Col. George F. McGinnis, Eleventh Indiana Infantry (of the First Brigade).

No. 36.-Col. Alvin P. Hovey, Twenty-fourth Indiana Infantry.

No. 37.-Col. John M. Thayer, First Nebraska Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 38.-Col. William L. Sanderson, Twenty-third Indiana Infantry.

No. 39.-Lieut. Col. William D. McCord, First Nebraska Infantry.

No. 40.-Col. Valentine Bausenwein, Fifty-eighth Ohio Infantry.

No. 41.-Col. Charles Whittlesey, Twentieth Ohio Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

No. 42.-Lieut. Col. Manning F. Force, Twentieth Ohio Infantry.

No. 43.-Brig. Gen. Stephen A. Hurlbut, U. S. Army, commanding Fourth Division.

No. 44.-Col. Isaac C. Pugh, Forty-first Illinois Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

No. 45.-Col. Amory K. Johnson, Twenty-eighth Illinois Infantry.

No. 46.-Col. John Logan, Thirty-second Illinois Infantry.

No. 47.-Capt. Alfred C. Campbell, Thirty-second Illinois Infantry.

No. 48.-Maj. John Warner, Forty-first Illinois Infantry.

No. 49.-Capt. Matthew M. Trumbull, Third Iowa Infantry.

No. 50.-Col. James C. Veatch, Twenty-fifth Indiana Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 51.-Col. Cyrus Hall, Fourteenth Illinois Infantry.

No. 52.-Lieut. Col. William Cam, Fourteenth Illinois, commanding Fifteenth Ili. nois Infantry.

No. 53.-Capt. Louis D. Kelley, Fifteenth Illinois Infantry.

No. 54.-Col. John A. Davis, Forty-sixth Illinois Infantry.

No. 55.-Maj. John W. Foster, Twenty-fifth Indiana Infantry.

No. 56.-Brig. Gen. Jacob G. Lauman, U. S. Army, commanding Third Brigade.

No. 57.-Col. Charles Cruft, Thirty-first Indiana Infantry.

No. 58.-Lieut. Col. John Osborn, Thirty-first Indiana Infantry.

No. 59.-Col. Hugh B. Reed, Forty-fourth Indiana Infantry.

No. 60.-Col. John H. McHenry, jr., Seventeenth Kentucky Infantry.

No. 61.--Col. Benjamin H. Bristow, Twenty-fifth Kentucky Infantry.

No. 62.-Maj. William B. Wall, Twenty-fifth Kentucky Infantry.

No. 63.-Lieut. Cuthbert W. Laing, Second Michigan Battery.

No. 64.-Lieut. Edward Brotzmann, Mann's battery Missouri Light Artillery.

No. 65.-Brig. Gen. William T. Sherman, U. S. Army, commanding Fifth Division.

No. 66.-Col. John A. McDowell, Sixth Iowa Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

No. 67.-Capt. John Williams, Sixth Iowa Infantry.

No. 68.-Col. David Stuart, Fifty-fifth Illinois Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 69.-Col. Rodney Mason, Seventy-first Ohio Infantry.

No. 70.-Col. Jesse Hildebrand, Seventy-seventh Ohio Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

No. 71.-Lieut. Col. Robert A. Fulton, Fifty-third Ohio Infantry.

No. 72.--Col. Ralph P. Buckland, Seventy-second Ohio Infantry, commanding Fourth Brigade. [95]

No. 73.-Lieut. Col. Job R. Parker, Forty-eighth Ohio Infantry.

No. 74.-Col. Joseph R. Cockerill, Seventieth Ohio Infantry.

No. 75.-Maj. Ezra Taylor, First Illinois Light Artillery, Chief of Artillery Fifth Division.

No. 76.-Capt. Samuel E. Barrett, Battery B, First Illinois Light Artillery.

No. 77.-

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B. M. Prentiss (4)
D. C. Buell (4)
W. H. L. Wallace (3)
William Sherman (3)
William Nelson (3)
John A. McClernand (3)
Stephen A. Hurlbut (3)
Marcellus M. Crocker (3)
G. T. Beauregard (3)
Theodore Wood (2)
Enos P. Wood (2)
Charles Whittlesey (2)
J. D. Webster (2)
George D. Wagner (2)
James C. Veatch (2)
James M. Tuttle (2)
John M. Thayer (2)
David Stuart (2)
Alexander P. Stewart (2)
William S. Smith (2)
W. T. Sherman (2)
Lovell H. Rousseau (2)
Isaac C. Pugh (2)
Thomas Morton (2)
John C. Moore (2)
J. B. McPherson (2)
Edward M. McCook (2)
John McArthur (2)
C. Carroll Marsh (2)
Mann (2)
J. Q. Loomis (2)
Jacob G. Lauman (2)
Jesse Hildebrand (2)
William B. Hazen (2)
Abraham M. Hare (2)
William H. Gibson (2)
Charles G. Field (2)
Z. C. Deas (2)
Thomas L. Crittenden (2)
Don Carlos Buell (2)
Sanders D. Bruce (2)
Jeremiah T. Boyle (2)
Jacob Ammen (2)
Marcus J. Wright (1)
Crafts J. Wright (1)
Humphrey M. Woodyard (1)
Joseph J. Woods (1)
Thomas J. Wood (1)
S. A. M. Wood (1)
David E. Wood (1)
Jones M. Withers (1)
August Willich (1)
N. G. Williams (1)
John Williams (1)
WilliamJ (1)
Walter C. Whitaker (1)
Joseph Wheeler (1)
John A. Wharton (1)
Frederick Welker (1)
John Warner (1)
William Wallace (1)
William B. Wall (1)
A. J. Vaughan (1)
James M. Tutile (1)
Matthew M. Trumbull (1)
Robert P. Trabue (1)
Edwin F. Townsend (1)
A. Tomlinson (1)
Jacob Thompson (1)
William R. Terrill (1)
Ezra Taylor (1)
J. C. Tappan (1)
T. W. Sweeny (1)
Peter T. Swaine (1)
Robert H. Sturgess (1)
O. F. Strahl (1)
William H. Stephens (1)
W. A. Stanley (1)
T. J. Stanford (1)
T. Kilby Smith (1)
Preston Smith (1)
Morgan L. Smith (1)
Marshall J. Smith (1)
Eli S. Shorter (1)
Shirk (1)
William T. Sherman (1)
William T. Shaw (1)
R. G. Shaver (1)
Thomas D. Sedgewick (1)
William L. Sanderson (1)
Abram H. Ryan (1)
R. M. Russell (1)
Daniel Ruggles (1)
William R. Rowley (1)
Richard Rowett (1)
J. Robins (1)
Henry Richardson (1)
Hugh T. Reid (1)
August Reichard (1)
Hugh B. Reed (1)
John Rawlins (1)
Thomas E. G. Ransom (1)
Julius Raith (1)
Francis Quinn (1)
Col G. G. Pride (1)
William Preston (1)
James Powell (1)
W. G. Poole (1)
Preston Pond (1)
Leonidas Polk (1)
Everett Peabody (1)
W. K. Patterson (1)
James C. Parrott (1)
Job R. Parker (1)
John Osborn (1)
George L. Nispel (1)
Ninteenth (1)
George S. Mygatt (1)
Robert Murray (1)
Alfred Mouton (1)
Quin Morton (1)
David Moore (1)
Gideon C. Moody (1)
Madison Miller (1)
John H. Miller (1)
August Mersy (1)
John Mendenhall (1)
James A. McNeely (1)
William McMichael (1)
N. H. McLEAN (1)
John H. McHenry (1)
George F. McGinnis (1)
John A. McDowell (1)
J. A. McDowell (1)
Coleman A. McDaniel (1)
Alexander McD (1)
A. McD (1)
William D. McCord (1)
McCook (1)
Mc (1)
Cicero Maxwell (1)
Rodney Mason (1)
John D. Martin (1)
James T. Martin (1)
John C. Marrast (1)
George Maney (1)
William D. Lyles (1)
R. F. Looney (1)
John Logan (1)
A. J. Lindsay (1)
W. D. Lannom (1)
Cuthbert W. Laing (1)
C. B. Lagow (1)
William Kossak (1)
E. N. Kirk (1)
John H. King (1)
William H. Ketchum (1)
John H. Kelly (1)
Louis D. Kelley (1)
Frederick C. Jones (1)
Charles Jones (1)
Albert Sidney Johnston (1)
Bushrod R. Johnson (1)
Amory K. Johnson (1)
W. L. B. Jenney (1)
T. F. Jenkins (1)
John K. Jackson (1)
James B. Hugnnin (1)
Alvin P. Hovey (1)
Robert T. Horn (1)
W. Irving Hodgson (1)
B. L. Hodge (1)
Edward H. Hobson (1)
W. S. Hillyer (1)
Benjamin J. Hill (1)
J. R. Hewitt (1)
Robert W. Healy (1)
Pierce B. Hawkins (1)
Joseph G. Hawkins (1)
J. P. Hawkins (1)
R. T. Harvey (1)
Thomas J. Harrison (1)
John W. Harris (1)
W. L. Harper (1)
W. J. Hardee (1)
A. B. Hardcastle (1)
Charles S. Hanson (1)
H. W. Halleck (1)
William Hall (1)
Cyrus Hall (1)
W. Gwin (1)
William Grose (1)
Benjamin C. Grider (1)
D. L. Goodall (1)
Daniel Gober (1)
Isadore P. Girardey (1)
J. H. Gilman (1)
Randall Lee Gibson (1)
James L. Geddes (1)
James A. Garfield (1)
James Garfield (1)
James P. Fyffe (1)
Robert A. Fulton (1)
John W. Foster (1)
Manning F. Force (1)
John A. Fitch (1)
James F. Fagan (1)
David A. Enyart (1)
Adolph Engelmann (1)
C. D. Enable (1)
Isaac L. Dunlop (1)
E. M. Dubroca (1)
John A. Davis (1)
Darden (1)
Charles Cruft (1)
Thomas T. Crittenden (1)
T. L. Crittenden (1)
J. J. Cox (1)
William Cook (1)
B. S. Compton (1)
Joseph R. Cockerill (1)
P. R. Cleburne (1)
Charles Clark (1)
Franklin H. Clack (1)
Augustus L. Chetlain (1)
B. F. Cheatham (1)
Alexander Chambers (1)
James R. Chalmers (1)
William D. Chadick (1)
S. W. Cayce (1)
Stephen D. Carpenter (1)
E. Carmichael (1)
Robert Cantrell (1)
Alfred C. Campbell (1)
Alexander W. Campbell (1)
William Cam (1)
R. P. Caldwell (1)
Ralph P. Buckland (1)
B. P. Buckland (1)
Edward Brotzmann (1)
Benjamin H. Bristow (1)
R. H. Brewer (1)
John C. Breckinridge (1)
Braxton Bragg (1)
Albert M. Blackman (1)
Birge (1)
T. H. Bell (1)
Samuel Beatty (1)
Valentine Bausenwein (1)
William B. Bate (1)
Joseph Bartlett (1)
Robert H. Barrow (1)
Samuel E. Barrett (1)
Smith P. Bankhead (1)
S. D. Baldwin (1)
Isaac W. Avery (1)
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Nicholas L. Anderson (1)
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Daniel W. Adams (1)
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