Contents of the Tenth volume.

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1.Military Measures of Congress,1
2.Battle of Fredericksburg, Va.-- 
 Report of Gen. Longstreet,88
 Report of Gen.StonewallJackson,92
 Report of Gen. R. H. Anderson,97
 Report of Gen. McLaws,97
 Report of Gen. Ransom,101
 Report of Gen. Hood,103
 Report of Gen. D. H. Hill,104
 Report of Gen. A. P. Hill,105
 Report of Gen. Taliaferro,108
 Report of Gen. Early,109
 Report of Gen. Pendleton,112
 Report of Gen. C. M. Wilcox,115
 Report of Gen. Featherston,116
 Report of Gen. Kershaw,117
 Report of Gen. A. R. Wright,120
 Report of Gen. Mahone,120
 Report of Gen. Perry,121
 Report of Col. E. D. Hall,121
 Report of Gen. Law,122
 Report of Gen. Paul J. Semmes122
 Report of Gen. Paxton,123
 Report of Col. Hoke,123
 Report of Col. Walker,124
 Report of Gen. Harry T. Hays,125
 Report of Col. John D. Kennedy126
 Report of Col. C. A. Evans,127
 Report of Gen. W. D. Pender127
 Report of Col. D. H. Hamilton,128
 Report of Gen. J. L. Archer,129
 Report of Gen. James H. Lane,130
 Report of Col. J. M. Brockenbrough131
 Report of Gen. E. L. Thomas,132
 Report of Gen. J. R. Jones,132
 Report of Col. Ed. Pendleton,133
 Report of Col. J. B. Walton,134
 Report of Col. Crutchfield,135
 Report of Lt.-Col. Alexander,137
 Report of Col. Humphries,138
 Report of Col. H. C. Cabell,139
 Report of Capt. D. Lang,141
 Report of Capt. Maurin,141
 Report of Capt. E. Taliaferro,142
 Report of Capt. Lewis,143
 Report of Capt. A. R. Govan,143
 Report of Col. Fizer,143
 Report of Lt.-Col. Rice,145
 Report of Lt.-Col. Bland,145
 Report of Major Moody,145
 Report of Capt. J. K. Nance,147
 Report of Lt.-Col. Luse,147
 Report of Capt. Stackhouse,148
 Report of Col. DeSaussure,148
 Report of Col. James D. Nance,149
 Report of Col. J. W. Carter,150
 Report of Col. J. Thompson Brown150
 Report of Major D B. Bridgford,151
 Report of Major E. V. White,152
 Report of Capt. J. W. Latimer,153
 Report of Col. R. L. Walker,154
 Report of Capt. Nadenbousch,155
 Report of Lt.-Col. Edmondson,155
 Report of Major William Terry,156
 Report of Lieut. McKendree,157
 Report of Col. Warren,157
 Report of Lt.-Col. H. W. Williams,158
3.Reply of Maj.-Gen. W. B. Franklin to the report of the Committee on the Conduct of the War, submitted to the public April, 1863,159
 Official Correspondence,169
4.Secessionists of West Virginia-- 
 Maj.-Gen. Hunter's Order,172
5.Gen. Twiggs' Treachery,172
6.The Battle at Gettysburg, Pa.-- 
 Capt. Coats' Report,177
 John W. Plummer's Account,178
 Major Brady's Report,181
7.Gen. John J. Peck's Letter on operations on the Rapidan,182
8.The Iron-Clads at Charleston-- 
 Report of Rear-Admiral Dahlgren183
 List of vessels engaged,185
 Number of shots fired,186
 Report of Com. S. C. Rowan,189
 Report of Lt.-Com. Simpson,190
9.The Women of the War-- 
 B. F. Taylor's Letter,192
10.The Southern Prisons-- 
 Chaplain Harvey's Account,194
11.St. John's River Expedition-- 
 Report of Lt.-Com. Breese,199
12.Expedition to cut the Charleston and Savannah Railroad-- 
 Report of Rear-Admiral Dahlgren,200
 Report of Lt.-Com. E. E. Stone,201
 Report of Lt.-Com. J. C. Chaplin,202
13.Capture of the steamer Columbine-- 
 Official Reports,203
14.Beauregard's Plan of Attack at the battle of Manassas,208
15.Address to the People of Virginia,210
16.The Passage of the Potomac-- 
 Report of Gen. Patterson,212
17.Fight with the Ram Albermarle-- 
 Capt. Smith's Report,213
 Admiral Lee's Report,213
 Commander Febiger's Report,216
 Commander Roe's Report,218
 Commander Queen's Report,219
 Lieut. French's Report,221
 Minor Reports,222
18.Destruction of the Hatteras-- 
 Capt. Raphael Semmes' Report,225
19.Attempt to destroy the Albemarle-- 
 Capt. Smith's Report,226
20.Suspension of the Habeas Corpus, with Rules of the Confederate War Department,227
21.Operations against the Indians-- 
 Gen. Sibley's Report,228
22.Employment of Negroes in the Southern army,234
23.Southern Barbarity-- 
 Gen. Garfield's Order,235
24.Attack on the Little Ida-- 
 Lt.-Com. Weaver's Report,237
25.Governor Watts' Letter on Southern Reconstruction,238
26.Army and Navy Expedition up the Nansemond-- 
 Admiral Lee's Report,239
 Letter to Gen. Butler,240
 Minor Reports,242
27.Destruction of Cotton-- 
 Gen. Lovell's Order,245
28.How Smuggling was carried on-- 
 Report of Capt. Dunham,245
29.Operations against the Indians-- 
 Gen. Sibley's Report,247
30.Gen. Beauregard's Report of the evacuation of Corinth and the retreat to Tupelo,248
31.Battle of Chancellorsville. Confederate Reports-- 
 Report of Gen. Lee,253
 Report of Gen. J. E. B. Stuart,259
 Report of Gen. A. P. Hill,261
 Report of Gen. R. H. Anderson,262
 Report of Gen. McLaws,264
 Report of Gen. Early,267
 Report of Gen. J. E. B. Stuart (2d Report),268
 Report of Gen. Ed. Johnson,270
 Report of Gen. Colston,270
 Report of Gen. W. H. F. Lee,273
 Report of Gen. Pender,274
 Report of Gen. Thomas,275
 Report of Gen. Archer,276
 Report of Gen. Lane,277
 Report of Gen. Doles,279
 Report of Gen. Colquitt,281
 Report of Gen. Iverson,282
 Report of Gen. Ramseur,283
 Report of Gen. Barksdale,285
 Report of Gen. Posey,286
 Report of Gen. A. R. Wright,288
 Report of Gen. Perry,291
 Report of Gen. Mahone,293
 Report of Gen. C. W. Wilcox,249
 Report of Gen. Heth,298
 Report of Gen. Rodes,300
 Report of Col. O'Neal,305
 Report of Col. Hall,306
 Report of Col. Hamilton,307
 Report of Col. Brockenbrough,309
 List of Casualties in the battle,310
32.Battle of Kelleysville-- 
 Report of Gen. J. E. B. Stuart,312
 Report of Gen. Fitz Lee,313
 Report of Gen. W. H. F. Lee,315
 Minor Reports,316
33.Gen. Garfield's Letter to Gen. Rosecrans,317
34.Harper's Ferry Armory and its History, by Charles P. Kingsbury,320
35.Capture of the Chesapeake-- 
 Lt.-Com. Nickel's Report,323
36.The Battle of Chickamauga-- 
 Gen. T. J. Wood's Report,324
37.The Battle of Manassas-- 
 Correction of Official Reports,334
38.The Battle of Mission Ridge-- 
 Gen. Wood's Report,335
39.Provisional Court for Louisiana-- 
 History of the Court,341
40.The Battle of Five Forks, Va.-- 
 Gen. Warren's Account,346
41.The Battle of Chickamauga. Confederate Reports-- 
 Report of Gen. Bragg,367
 Report of Gen. Longstreet,373
 Report of Gen. Buckner,375
 Report of Major Frank Porter,377
 Report of Gen. A. P. Stewart,378
 Report of Gen. Cheatham,381
 Report of Gen. Breckinridge,383
 Report of Gen. Cleburne,386
 Report of Gen. Hindman,388
 Report of Gen. W. H. T. Walker,391
 Report of Gen. Joseph Wheeler,393
 Report of Gen. Liddell,396
 Report of Gen. W. Preston,399
 Report of Gen. N. B. Forrest,403
 Report of Gen. John Pegram,405
 Report of Col. J. L. Scott,407
 Report of Gen. B. R. Johnson,407
 Report of Gen. Gist,417
 Report of Gen. E. C. Walthall,419
 Report of Gen. A. M. Manigault,422
 Report of Gen. Z. C. Deas,425
 Report of Gen. Patton Anderson,427
 Report of Gen. L. E. Polk,428
 Report of Gen. S. A. M. Wood,430
 Report of Gen. M. A. Stovall,432
 Report of Gen. George Maney,433
 Report of Gen. O. F. Strahl,435
 Report of Gen. M. J. Wright,437
 Report of Gen. J. K. Jackson,439
 Report of Gen. A. Gracie,441
 Report of Gen. H. D. Clayton,442
 Report of Gen. W. B. Bate,444
 Report of Gen. J. C. Brown,447
 Report of Gen. Humphreys,449
 Report of Gen. Kershaw,450
 Report of Col. C. C. Wilson,452
 Report of Col. A. J. Vaughan,454
 Report of Col. C. A. Sugg,456
 Report of Adjt. Beaumont,458
 Report of Col. Coleman,459
 Report of Col. Fulton,460
 Report of Col. Govan,465
 Report of Col. Mills,467
 Report of Col. J. H. Lewis,470
 Report of Col. R. L. Gibson,473
 Report of Col. Kelly,474
 Report of Col. R. C. Trigg,475
 Report of Capt. Charles Swett,478
42.The Battle of Stone River-- 
 Maj.-Gen. McCook's Report,479
 Maj.-Gen. Thomas' Report,482
 Maj.-Gen. Crittenden's Report,485
 Brig.-Gen. Stanley's Report,488
 Col. John Kennett's Report,489
 Brig.-Gen. R. W. Johnson's Report,490
 Brig.-Gen. Jeff. C. Davis' Report,492
 Brig.-Gen. Sheridan's Report,494
 Brig.-Gen. Negley's Report,498
 Maj.-Gen. Rousseau's Report,501
 Brig.-Gen. Palmer's Report,503
 Brig.-Gen. Wood's Report,506
 Brig.-Gen. Van Cleve's Report,509
 Col. Beatty's Report,510
 Capt. St. Clair Morton's Report512
 Capt. John Mendenhall's Report,514
43.Operations in Tennessee Valley-- 
 Maj.-Gen. Hazen's Report,516
44.Letter from Maj.-Gen. G. B. McClellan on the attack on Munson's Hill, Va.,517
45.The Defence of Charleston, S. C.-- 
 Official Southern Reports,517
 Gen. Beauregard's Report,518
 Gen. R. S. Ripley's Report,520
 Col. Alfred Rhett's Report,523
 Brig.-Gen. Trapier's Report,525
 Col. Butler's Report,526
 Col. Kiett's Report,526
 Gen. Ripley's Circular,527
 Major Harris' Report,529
 Major Echol's Report,530
 Capt. Sitgreave's Report,534
 Lt.-Col. Simkin's Report,535
 Gen. Ripley's (2d) Report,535
 Lieut. Glassell's Report,535
 Brig.-Gen. Taliaferro's Report,538
 Gen. Ripley's (3d) Report,541
 Official Memoranda,542
 Orders for evacuating Batteries Wagner and Gregg,555
 Report of Major Elliott,556
46.The Siege of Vicksburg-- 
 Lt.-Gen. Pemberton's Report,557
 Gen. Joseph E. Johnston's Report,587
 Letter from President Ewell,594
47.The Battle of Helena, Ark.-- 
 Lt.-Gen. Holmes' Report,595
 Maj.-Gen. Price's Report,597
 Brig.-Gen. Parsons' Report,599
 Brig.-Gen. McRae's Report,602
 Brig.-Gen. Fagan's Report,603
 Col. King's Report,605
 Col. Brooks' Report,606
 Col. Bell's Report,607
 Col. Hawthorne's Report,607
 Brig.-Gen. Marmaduke's Report,609
 Brig.-Gen. L. M. Walker's Report,610
 Col. Dobbins' Report,610
 Col. Newton's Report,611
48.The Battle of Bristoe Station-- 
 Report of Lieut.-Gen. A. P. Hill,612
 Report of Maj.-Gen. Heth,613
 Report of Maj.-Gen. R. H. Anderson,614
 Report of Brig.-Gen. H. H. Walker,615
 Report of Col. Hall,616
 Report of Major McIntosh,616
49.Expedition into East Tennessee-- 
 Report of Maj.-Gen. Stevenson,618
 Report of Col. Morrison,619
 Report of Col. Dibrell,620
50.Gen. Beauregard's Special Order,620
51.The Battles of Pocotaligo and Yemassee-- 
 Report of Brig.-Gen. W. S. Walker,621
 Report of Col. Colcocke,624
 List of Casualties,625
52.Expedition to Hartsville, Tenn.-- 
 Report of Gen. Bragg,627
 Report of Gen. John H. Morgan,627
 Report of Gen. Breckinridge,629
 Report of Col. R. W. Hanson,629
 Report of Col. Thomas H. Hunt,630
 Report of Major Hewitt,631
 Report of Capt. Morehead,631
 Report of Capt. Cobb,632
53.Beauregard's Letter to Pierre Soule,632
54.Battles of Corinth and Hatchie Bridge-- 
 Report of Maj.-Gen. Van Dorn,634
 Report of Maj.-Gen. Price,638
 Report of Maj.-Gen. Lovell,640
 Report of Brig-Gen. Rust,642
 Report of Brig-Gen. John S. Bowen,644
 Report of Brig-Gen. Villepigue,645
 Report of Brig-Gen. Maury,646
 Report of Brig-Gen. Green,647
 Report of Brig-Gen. Cabell,649
 Report of Brig-Gen. Moore,651
 Report of Col. W. H. Jackson,653
55.The Battle of Kernstown, Va.-- 
 Report of Gen.StonewallJackson,657
56.Battle near Coffeeville, Miss.-- 
 Brig.-Gen., Tilghman's Report,659
 Casualties in action,661
57.The Fall of New Orleans-- 
 Maj.-Gen. Lovell's Report,661
 Brig.-Gen. Duncan's Report,666
 Correspondence and Memoranda,675
 Col. Higgins' Report,681
 Capt. Squires' Report,681
 Brig.-Gen. M. L. Smith's Report,684
58.Operations of the Army of Tennessee-- 
 Gen. Joseph E. Johnston's Report685
59.The Affair at Princeton, Va.-- 
 Report of Gen. Humphrey Marshall691
 List of articles captured,693
60.The Capture of Fort Donelson-- 
 Report of Col. J. M. Simonton,694
61.Vicksburg and Baton Rouge. 
 Report of Maj.-Gen. Van Dorn,695
 Report of Maj.-Gen. Breckinridge,698
 Report of Brig. Gen. Ruggles,701
 Report of A. A. Gen. J. A. Buckner,704
 Report of Col. L. B. Smith,705
 Report of Col. J. Edwards,705
 Report of Major H. E. Topp,705
 Report of Major J. C. Wickliffe,706
 Report of Capt. J. H. Millett,707
 Report of Lt.-Col. John Snodgrass,707
 Report of Col. L. B. Smith,708
 Report of Brig.-Gen. M. L. Smith,708
 Minor Reports,712
62.Hoisting the Black Flag-- 
 Official Correspondence,721
 Official Memoranda,726
63.The Battle of Iuka-- 
 Maj.-Gen. Grant's Report,730
64.The Affair at Vienna-- 
 Gen. Schenck's Report,733
65.New England Soldiers' Relief Association-- 
 Col. Frank E. Howe's Report,734
66.Operations at Rappahannock Bridge-- 
 Gen. R. E. Lee's Report,738
 Gen. R. S. Ewell's Report,740
 Gen. J. A. Early's Report,740
 Gen. R. E. Rodes Report,745
 Brig.-Gen. Harry T. Hays' Report,747
67.Operations in Southern Louisiana-- 
 Confederate Official Reports,748
68.The Fight at Rogersville, Tenn.-- 
 Maj.-Gen. Sam Jones' Report,757
 Brig. Gen. Ransom's Report,757
 Brig. Gen. W. E. Jones' Report,757
 Col. Giltner's Report758
 Col. Comes' Report760
 Official Correspondence760

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