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The putting to sea and arrangement of the two fleets.

τριῶν ἡμερῶν: gen. of description, which in Greek is nearly confined to numerical definitions of magnitude and age. Cf. ii.23.11; iii.1.8; ii.13.50 (space); ii.13.33 (value). G. 167, 5; H. 729 d.—ἀνήγοντο: impf. as in c. 46. 2.—ὡς ἐπὶ ναυμαχίαν: so ii.83.10; iv.13.13. In iii.4.6; vi.34.34 the dat. is used with ἐπί in same sense. Placed thus before the prep. ὡς implies the ‘purpose,’ ‘intention’ of the subj. Cf. c. 50. 21; 62. 20.

καὶ...καθορῶσι : lively transition by parataxis. See on c. 26. 16.— 4. μετεώρους: out at sea. Cf. ii.91.12; iii.33.15; iv.14.3; etc. Not in this sense in Hdt. or Xen.

ἀντιπαρετάσσοντο: so placed to include both sides and all their divisions; but in the details this connexion is at once given up. The Attic ships are named first, because such enumerations usually begin with the right wing. Cf. ii.90.6; iii.107.23; iv.43.8.

τὸ ἄλλο: includes the remainder of the right wing, the centre, and the left. So ἐπεῖχον, as in iii.107.25, indicates the extent of this portion.

τρία τέλη ποιήσαντες: they formed three divisions Cf. ii.81.8; iii.50.6; vi.62.2. τέλος applied to a fleet, vi.42.8; to cavalry, ii.22.10; iv.96.20; to land forces in general, ii.81.8.—ὧν...εἷς : an involved order of words, ὧν depending on ἑκάστου and σρτατηγῶν on εἷς. v. H. after Cobet inserts τῶν before τριῶν.

Κορινθίοις: dat. as in c. 6. 8.— 10. εἶχον: the regular verb in such tactical statements. Cf. iii.107.23; iv.31.10; 93. 17; vi.67.3; 101. 20; vii.34.11; 52. 6; viii.104.9. In ii.81.11 and vii.70.9 we have ἔχειν τὸ μέσον, for which here κατὰ τὸ μέσον, sc. ἐτάξαντο, perhaps because ἔχειν could hardly be said of the small number of 21 ships, c. 46. 3, 4.

κατὰ τὸ μέσον: at the centre, but 12, κατὰ τοὺς Ἀθηναίους, over against (c. 46. 8). Cf. iii.108.6 with 107. 29; 108. 10.

ὡς ἕκαστοι: singuli deinceps, there being no need of a precise statement of order. See on c. 3. 19; 67. 13.

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