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Brown, John, at the battle of Black Jack, 244; 279; his early life, 280 to 282; what Redpath says of him, 282-3; at the battle of Osawatomie, 284; his speech at Lawrence, 284-5; he releases a number of slaves, 286: “battle of the spurs,” 286; goes to Canada; his “Constitution,” 287-8; goes to Harper's Ferry, 289; captures the Arsenal, 290-91; the fight, 292-3; his capture, 294-5; letter to L. Maria Child, 295; letter to his family, 296; letter to Mr. Humphrey, 297; his execution, 298-9; Congressional, 305.

Brown, Mayor, of Baltimore, 461; harangues the mob, 464; sends envoys to the President; his correspondence with Gov. Andrew, 465-6; his interview with the President, 466.

Brown, Milton, of Tenn., 171.

Brown, Oliver, killed at Harper's Ferry, 292.

Brown, Owen, son of John Brown, 288; escapes from Harper's Ferry, 299.

Brown, Watson, killed at Harper's Ferry, 291.

Brownell, Francis E., kills the murderer of Ellsworth, 533.

Browning, O. H., of Ill., in Senate, 565-7.

Brownlow, Parson, citation from, 484.

Brunswicker, The, (Mo.,) citation from, 238.

Bryan, Guy M., of Texas, withdraws from the Dem. Convention, 315.

Bryant, William Cullen, 166.

Buchanan, James, 94; presents an Abolition petition to Congress, 144; in the Convention of 1848, 191 ; 222; nominated for President, 246; elected, 248; appoints R. J. Walker Governor of Kansas, 248; urges the acceptance of the Lecompton Constitution, 250; 252; 253; his Inaugural, extract from, 264; attends the Ostend meeting, etc., 273; condemns the arrest of William Walker, 276; is visited by Albert G. Brown, 277-8; offers a reward for the capture of John Brown, 286; 338; his Message in the S. C. Convention, 845; his last Annual Message, 367 to 371; 408; sends Cushing to Charleston, 409; 411; 414; 428; vote cast for him in Kentucky, 492; letter to Jeff. Davis, 511.

Buckingham, Gov., of Conn., is reflected, 326.

Buckner, Aylett, of Ky., 194.

Buckner, Gen. Simon B., organizes State Guard; Louisville Journal curses him, 494; 496; 509; 609.

Buffalo, N. Y., the Free-Soil Convention at, 191; its Platform, 192.

Buford, Col., of Ala., his arrival in Kansas, 243; besieges Lawrence, 243.

Bull Run, battle of, 539 to 547; our army moves on Centerville, 539; map of the field, 540; our feint disregarded, 541; Beauregard's report, extracts from, 541 to 546; account of The Richmond Dispatch, 542-3; other accounts, dispatches, etc., 545-4; losses sustained, 545; HeintzelmanPollardBing, 546-7; causes of the disaster, 547 to 554; Gen. Scott's failure to send force enough, etc., 550; evil of short enlistments, 551; 552; consternation of the North, 552-3; 618.

Burnett, Henry C., of Ky., 304; 496; 555; becomes a member of the Rebel Congress and a Senator on the same day, 617.

Burnett, L. W., of N. J., letter from Gov. Price to, 439.

Burnett, Thos. L., of Ky., Rebel Congress, 617.

Burns, Anthony, the case of, 215; 220.

Burns, Wm., makes a speech at Baltimore, 462.

Burnside, Col., at Bull Run, 541.

burrow, B., of Ark., in Dem. Convention, 315.

Burt, Col., (Rebel,) killed at Ball's Bluff, 624.

Burt, Gen. Armistead, Of S. C., 196; 378.

Burton, Gov. Wm., of Del., Message, 350; 460-61.

Butler, Andrew P., of S. C., denounces Clay's Compromise measures, 205; 299.

Butler, Pierce, of S. C., remarks on the adoption of the Constitution, 45, 47.

Butler, Gen. Benjamin F., in the Charleston Convention, 311; 318; arrives in Maryland with the 8th Mass., 468; at Annapolis, 469-70: takes possession of Baltimore, 471; “born in Liberia,” 508; 528; seizes Geo. P. Kane, 529; commands the Hatteras expedition, 599; 600; 627.

Butler, Gen. Wm. O., of Ky., nominated for Vice-President, 191.

Butler, Major, (Rebel,) killed at Belmont, 597.


Cabell, E. C., envoy from Jackson to Davis, 587.

Cairo, Ill., threatened by the Rebels, 583.

Calhoun, John C., 73; is contrasted with Gen. Jackson, 88-9; 93; resigns the Vice-Presidency, etc., 94; supports the Compromise Tariff, 101; his duplicity with the Georgia Indians, 103; his report on incendiary mail-matter, etc., 129; 143-4; 154-5-6; Secretary of State under Tyler, 155; 159; instructs our Minister at Paris with regard to Annexation, 169 to 171; 175; 188; in the Democratic Convention of 1848, 191; 194; 248, his opinions compared with the Dred Scott decision, 259; 265; Reverdy Johnson's recollections of, 357-8; allusion to, 384.

California, in Congress, 190 to 196; 201; President Taylor's Message in relation to, 202; congressional, 203; Mason, Davis, Clay, and Webster on Slavery in, 204-6; admitted as a State, 208; fugitive-slave case in, 218; 301; withdraws from Dem. Convention, 318.

Caln meeting, Abolition petition from, 144.

Cambreleng, C. C., 109.

Cameron, Col. James, killed at Bull Run, 545.

Cameron, Gen. Simon, in the Chicago Convention, 321; a member of President Lincoln's Cabinet, 428; 449; visits Gen. Fremont in Missouri, 590; his visit to Sherman in Kentucky. 615; endeavors to postpone the attack at Bull Run, 618.

Campbell, Judge John A., his opinion in Dred Scott's case, 258; 430; letter to Gov. Seward, 433-4; The Albany Evening Journal on, 632.

camp Carlile, Ohio, Virginia Unionists at, 520.

camp Cole, Mo., a Union regiment routed at, 575.

camp Jackson, Mo., captured by Lyon, 490; 49L

Canterbury, Conn., mob violence at, 127.

Carlile, Col., (Union,) moves against Jeff. Thompson at Fredericktown, Mo., 591.

Carlile, John S., 518-19; takes his seat in the XXXVIIth Congress, 559; takes his seat in the Sen. ate, 561-2; demurs to Mr. Browning's views, 567; opposes the “ Peace” measure of Johnson, of Mo., 571.

Carlyle, Thomas, 25; 505.

Carr, Wilson, N. C., speech at Baltimore, 462.

Carrick's Ford, battle of, 523-4.

Carroll, Charles, President of the Colonization Society, 72.

Carthage, Mo., Rebels defeated near, 575.

Cartter, David K., in Chicago Convention, 321.

Cass, Gen. Lewis, 164; opposes, as Minister at Paris, the Slave-Trade-suppression quintuple treaty, 177; 189; his opinion of the Wilmot Proviso, 190; nominated for President, 191; 222, 229; 232; 246; resigns his post at Washington, 411.

Cass, the cutter, given up to Rebels, 413.

Castle Pinckney, occupied by S. Carolina, 409.

Catron, Judge, opinion in Dred Scott case, 258.

Channing, Wm. E., 125; 142; to Webster, 353.

Chapman, Reuben, in Dem. Convention, 314.

Charleston, S. C., 58; rifling of the mails at, 128-9; reception accorded to Mr. Hoar at, 180 to 184; joy evinced at Lincoln's election at, 332; 336; incident at the Wistar Club at, 353-4; reception of Caleb Cushing at, etc., 409; surrender of the cutter Aiken at, 410 excitement during the bombardment of Fort Sumter, 447-8. See Fort Sumter.

Charleston Courier, The, citation from, 129; 331-2; 337; announces the raising of troops in the North to defend “the South,” 396; on the occupation of Sumter by Major Anderson, 408.

Charleston Mercury, The, 332; on the forts in Charleston harbor, 407.

Charlestown, Va., John Brown and his followers imprisoned at. 294; their execution there, 298-9; emissaries sent to Baltimore from, 462.

Charlotte, N. C., U. S. Mint seized at, 485.

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Fredericktown (Missouri, United States) (1)
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Delaware (Delaware, United States) (1)
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Cole (Missouri, United States) (1)
Charlotte (North Carolina, United States) (1)
Charleston Harbor (South Carolina, United States) (1)
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Centreville (Tennessee, United States) (1)
Carthage, Mo. (Missouri, United States) (1)
Canterbury (Connecticut, United States) (1)
Canada (Canada) (1)
California (California, United States) (1)
Cairo, Ill. (Illinois, United States) (1)
Buford (Colorado, United States) (1)
Buffalo, N. Y. (New York, United States) (1)
Belmont, Ma. (Massachusetts, United States) (1)
Arkansas (Arkansas, United States) (1)
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Alabama (Alabama, United States) (1)

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Jefferson Davis (3)
Henry C. Burnett (3)
Wm (2)
Webster (2)
Simon (2)
Abraham Lincoln (2)
Reverdy Johnson (2)
James (2)
C. F. Jackson (2)
Caleb Cushing (2)
Henry Clay (2)
Lewis Cass (2)
John S. Carlile (2)
Simon Cameron (2)
E. R. Burt (2)
Anthony Burns (2)
Simon B. Buckner (2)
Browning (2)
New St. Andrew (2)
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William Walker (1)
Robert J. Walker (1)
Virginia Unionists (1)
John Tyler (1)
Thos (1)
Jefferson Thompson (1)
Francis Thomas (1)
John W. Taylor (1)
John Sherman (1)
William H. Seward (1)
Redpath (1)
Sterling Price (1)
Edward A. Pollard (1)
Franklin Pierce (1)
Robert Dale Owen (1)
Mordecai Oliver (1)
John Milton (1)
James M. Mason (1)
Edward Lyon (1)
Dixon H. Lewis (1)
Abbott Lawrence (1)
George P. Kane (1)
Fitz John (1)
Luther Humphrey (1)
Samuel Hoar (1)
S. P. Heintzelman (1)
Guy (1)
John C. Fremont (1)
Ellsworth (1)
William Cullen (1)
Lydia Maria Child (1)
Reuben Chapman (1)
William E. Channing (1)
Catron (1)
David K. Cartter (1)
Charles Carroll (1)
Wilson C. N. Carr (1)
Thomas Carlyle (1)
John A. Campbell (1)
C. C. Cambreleng (1)
John C. Calhoun (1)
E. C. Cabell (1)
William Burton (1)
Ambrose E. Burnside (1)
Buckingham (1)
James Buchanan (1)
William Cullen Bryant (1)
Guy M. Bryan (1)
Brownlow (1)
Francis E. Brownell (1)
Albert G. Brown (1)
Julius Bing (1)
Judah P. Benjamin (1)
G. T. Beauregard (1)
Aylett (1)
Armistead (1)
Anthony (1)
Robert Anderson (1)
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