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‘ [14] the overseers of my father's estate, in the division of the same, ordered me to give a deed hereof, unto my said brother William Cutter’—grants to said Cutter ‘one piece of land situate in the township of Cambridge, on the west corner of the aforesaid homestead, containing by estimation four acres; bounded northeast and eastwardly by the rest of the land of the homestead, and south and westwardly by Cambridge town common, with the house that he hath built upon it, and part of it within a fence that said Cutter hath set up; and the rest lyeth unfenced, adjoining to that which is fenced; with the liberty of making a dam for the convenience of the mill near the said Cutter's house1; as also a twelfth part of a sawmill upon Sergt. Francis Whitmore's land.’ Dated April 10, 1685, and signed ‘John Rolfe and seal’ (Midd. Registry, IX. 366). It is witnessed in part by the mark of Mary Rolfe, Jr.2


William Cutter to Edward Thomas, of Boston, ‘agent for Mr. William Metcalfe, of Newberry in Oxfordshire in Old England,’ sells, or mortgages, the four acres, with house on same, the allowance for a dam, and one twelfth of a sawmill, which were formerly part of the estate of his father-in-law John Rolfe, in Cambridge; also nineteen

1 The same liberty probably that was granted the Widow Rolfe in 1681.

2 Probably the sister of John, who was born 16 Jan. 1660. John Rolfe, Jr., appears to have removed, as did the other sons of John Rolfe, to Woodbridge, N. J., where ‘John Rolf’—then resident in Massachusetts—received deed of lands in Woodbridge from Richard Dole 27 Apr. 1686. John Rolph and Sarah Moores were married at Woodbridge 18 July, 1688. Their daughter Sarah was born 27 Nov. 1689. Sarah, the wife, died 4 Dec. 1689. Their daughter Sarah died 23 Dec. 1689. ‘John Rolf’ was ‘ratemaker’ (assessor) in 1689. ‘John Rolph's. dwelling-house’ is named in the laying out of a highway 9 Feb. 1699. [He was dead in 1705.]

Samuel Rolph joined the church 3 Oct. 1710, Woodbridge.

Joseph Rolf was constable, 1696. Joseph Rolph was on ‘town committee’ (with general powers like board of selectmen) in 1706. In 1701 he was on committee of eleven—named as ‘the following influential men,’ to negotiate with Rev. Mr. Shepard for ordination as their minister. [He was millwright, of Woodbridge, 1706.]

Benjamin Rolph's lands’ are named in a description by boundaries in 1714. Benjamin Rolph and Margaret Hollon (probably Holland) were married 2 Dec. 1703. Their daughter Rebecca was born 26 Sept. 1704. Their son Benjamin, born 1 Jan. 1706-07.

Henry Rolph, in Sept. 1716, unites with nine others, inviting Rev. Mr. Vaughan of the Church of England, to hold services ‘on the Sabbath-days,’ on account of differences with Rev. Mr. Wade, so that they ‘cannot joyn with him in the worship of God, as Xtians ought to do.’ In 1714 Henry Rolfe was one of the four trustees of School lands. [Harry Rolfe's lot, in Cambridge, is mentioned in 1712.]

Moses Rolfe-town clerk and ‘Freeholders' clerk,’ 1712-1731; Justice of the Peace, 1714, and assessor, 1718.—See N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., XXXI. 99. [Yeoman, of Woodbridge, in 1711.]

Long Island abounds in Rolphs descended from these New Jersey Rolphs.

James R. Rolph, Esq., of Huntington, L. I., is descended from a Moses Rolph, born in Woodbridge 20 April, 1718. He was probably a son of Benjamin, above-named.—Memoranda from Woodbridge, N. J., Records, communicated by Hon. Robert S. Hale, Ll.D, of Elizabethtown, N. Y.

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