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[271] Ira, who d. 18 Oct. 1801, a. 8 yrs. Joseph the father d. suddenly, 13 Sept. 1823, a. 73 (g. s.). He was prob. the Joseph Locke, a private in William Adams's Co., Thatcher's Regt., which marched at taking possession of Dorchester Heights, 4 Mar. 1776.

8. Francis, s. of Francis (3), m. Phebe Locke, 1 Nov. 1772— (see par. 2). A child of Francis, Jr., was b. 8 Feb. 1773—prob. Ruth, who m. David Russell; had also Nancy, who m. Ebenezer Dexter of Lancaster; Francis, m. Patty Davis, 19 Feb. 1804; Samuel, 2d, m. Betsey Ash, 29 Nov. 1815. By second wife, Peter; Aaron; Davis; Phebe, m. Jacob Newcomb of Chas.—See Wyman, 624, 697. Francis the father m. Jenny Davis, 23 Nov. 1786. He d. 19 Jan. 1812, a. 59 (g. s.). Jenny, wid. of the late Francis, d. 29 Oct. 1839, a. 81. She was also the wid. of Jonathan Davis and dau. of Israel Hinds—see Hinds.

9. John, s. of John (4), m. Sukey Sawyer—late Boston—6 Feb. 1777. Had here a son (John ), b.—Dec. 1777; a child (Susan ), b. 13 Apr. 1780; a child (Mary ), b. 12 Sept. 1782. He was a corporal in Capt. William Adams's Co., Thatcher's Regt., 1776.1

10. William, s. of Benjamin (5), belonged to the Baptist Society in Camb. N. W. Pct. 21 July, 1787, and was the William, Sen., who d. here 10 June, 1840, a. 78. Hannah, wife of William, Sen., d. 21 Apr. 1837, a. 70. (She was Hannah Putnam of Medford, m. 28 Sept. 1788.) William Henry, their son (b. 8 May, 1789), d. 31 Dec. 1819, a. 31; prob. the William Henry, aet. 21, who o. c. and was bap. here 7 Feb. 1813. William the father may be the William Locke who was out Feb. 1783, in the 9th Regt. He was selectman of Camb. 1796-1802. See Wyman, 623.

11. Benjamin, s. of Benjamin (5), m. Hannah Cutter, 3 Dec. 1789 (see Cutter, par. 37). He m. Susanna Keyes, 19 July, 1796. She d. 11 Feb. 1804, a. 36. He m. third, Mrs. Anne (or Ame ) Brown, of Charlestown, 15 Mar. 1807. He belonged to the Baptist Society in Camb. N. W. Pct. 21 July, 1787, and d.—styled Esq.— 21 Apr. 1841, a 76. Anne, w. of Benjamin, from ch. in Charlestown, was adm. to this ch. (Rev. T. Fiske), 1811. A son Abner—of Benjamin and Susanna—d. 13 June, 1824, a. 23. Benjamin the father was a selectman of Camb. in 1806, 1807. Had Benjamin and Leander, rem. to French Grant, Ohio; Delmont; Hannah C.; Susanna Keyes; Mary Ann.2 See Wyman, 623.

12. Samuel, s. of Samuel (6), m. Hannah Learned, 12 Nov. 1797. He d. 22 June, 1807, a. 34. His wid. Hannah d. 21 Nov. 1809,

1 He was also a member of Capt. B. Locke's company of minute-men, 1775. John Locke, of Cambridge, enlisted for 9 mos. prior to 15 Aug. 1779—aged 24-5 ft. 7 in.—light. John Locke, of Camb., a 6 mos. man, Capt. Fox's Co., marched from Springfield, 26 July, 1780, aged 27-5 ft. 5 in., ruddy complexion. John of Camb. served in Hosmer's Co., 1780 or ‘81.

2 See Book of the Lockes. Delmont, m. Rebecca R. Learned, 28 Nov. 1826, and was father of B. D. Locke, the present town treasurer and town clerk of Arlington; Susanna, m. Bowen Russell, 12 May, 1825; and Mary Ann, m-John A. P. Peirce, 16 Jan. 1834.

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