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[198] gail, prob. same who m. Solomon Bowman, 1 Mar. 1768. Roger, negro boy of Daniel, d. 1 Apr. 1754, a. 8 yrs. Abigail, w. prob. of Dan-Iel, d. 12 Feb. 1812, a. 92. Daniel the father was ensign of Menotomy train band in 1766, and lieut. of same company 1771, and Pct. committeeman and assessor 1765-67. He was rated in Menotomy in 1777 and 1781, and afterward was prob. of Concord. Lt. Daniel Brown was chosen Prect. treasurer in 1785, but declined serving.

2. John, from Boston, d. at Thomas Hall's, 24 May, 1754, a. 6 yrs. John m. Elizabeth Boardman, 13 or 15 May, 1776 (see Paige, 503). Susanna m. Stephen Frost, 20 Dec. 1772. Andrew, of Second Regt., m. Elizabeth Boardman, 13 Dec. 1775. Hannah m. Thomas Fillebrown, 1 Dec. 1778. Miriam m. Richard Cutter 25 May, 1781 —Cutter (par. 18). Submit and Jesse Richardson, of Woburn, m. 7 Dec. 1781. Thomas, of Waltham, and Susanna Kendall of Camb. 30 June, 1793. Rebecca, of Lexington, and James Perry of Camb. 10 June, 1798. Mrs. Anne (Ame ), of Charlestown, and Benjamin Locke of W. Camb. 15 Mar. 1807—Wyman, 142. Susan and Samuel Cutter of W. Camb. 6 Mar. 1809—Cutter (par. 39). James, of Cambridge, and Mary Ann Perry of W. Camb. 5 May, 1825.1 Erastus and Anna Winship of Lexington, 22 Oct. 1826. Edmund M., of Lexington, and Harriet W. Whitney of W. Camb. 1 May, 1836. John J., of Lexington, and Hannah A. Swan of W. Camb. 24 Mar. 1841.

3. A child of Jarvis Brown, d. 5 Sept. 1825, a. 14 mos.; the Wid. Anna, d. 19 Nov. 1837, a. 84 [or 82—born 6 Apr. 1755— maiden name Anna Cutter—Cutter] (par. 12); Wyman, 146. Miss Ruth Matthews, at James Brown's, d. 30 Oct. 1841, a. 21.

Bruce, Miss Anna, d. 8 Feb. 1793, a. 18 [sister of James Bruce of Woburn]. James Bruce of Wob. m. Betty Harrington 15 June, 1797.—Lexington Records.

Buckman and Bucknam, Spencer, of Medford, and Mary Frost of Camb. m. 9 Nov. 1794. Mary (widow), was adm. to the ch. 5 July, 1812. Spencer's son, d. 10 Aug. 1802, a. 2; and Ruthy, Louisa, and John Harris, chil. of Spencer, were bap. 26 July, 1812. Mary, an adult, set. 16, prob. his dau., o. c. and was bap. 5 Sept. 1813; perhaps the Mary who m. John Crosby, 13 Apr. 1817. Ruth m. Ezra Avery, 7 Feb. 1828. Louisa m. Elias Avery, 1 Jan. 1828. Lydia, another dau., m. Jonas Cutter, Jr., 5 Sept. 1824—Cutter (par. 56).

2. Sarah, m. Isaac Cutter, 23 July, 1783—Cutter (par. 49)— dau. of Moses.2 Jesse m. Frances Prentiss, 24 May, 1827, had Theodore Gray, bap. 27 July, 1828; a son, d. 2 Sept. 1837, a. 2 days; and Frances Maria, d. 24 Jan. 1847, a. 13 yrs. (g. s.); Benjamin Franklin, second son, d. 25 Nov. 1832, a. 3. Rachel, sister of Jesse, m. Reuben Johnson, 24 Oct. 1826.

1 James Brown, of the well-known firm of Charles C. Little and James Brown, publishers, Boston. He died March 10, 1866.

2 Moses Bucknam with wife and children, Leonard, Spencer, Nancy and Fanny, from Malden, April, 1786; in census 1789.—Wyman's Charlestown, 148.

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