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[274] 1810, a 2 mos. (7 wks. g. s.); Louisa, bap. 3 Nov. 1811, m. Jeduthun Fowle. of Wob.; Rebecca Ann, bap. 12 Sept. 1813, m. Earl Wyman, of Wob.; Frances Frost, bap. 21 Apr. 1816 (d. 18 Dec. 1835, a. 20); Lucy Frost, bap. 24 May, 1818, m. Jotham Hill, of Woburn. Josiah the father (Capt. of Woburn) d. 21 Aug. 1818, a. 42 or 38. Susanna (widow), dism. from Pct. ch. to the 1st ch. in Woburn, 28 June, 1828. She m. Henry Gardner, of Woburn, 7 Oct. 1834, who d. 25 Sept. 1837, a. 50. She d. 1 Feb. 1840, a. 61. (Capt. Josiah Locke. her husband, was drowned while haying in Medford, aged 38—Woburn Records.) See Wyman, 623, for father.

31. Asa, s. of Josiah, Sen. (30), had Elbridge G., who m. Eliza B. Cutter (15 May, 1832)—Cutter (par. 71); Almira W., who m. Hiram Andrews; Betsey R., m. Timothy Eaton; had also Lydia; Josiah; Asa; Daniel Wyman; Lucy Gardner, m. William Adams. The wife of Asa the father was Lucy Wyman, dau. of Daniel Wyman of Woburn. See Book of the Lockes.

32. Artemas, brother of Asa (31), m. Ruth Butterfield, 25 Apr. 1816. A child of his, d. 16 Sept. 1825, a. 2 yrs. Had also Artemas, m. Henrietta Locke (par. 22); Helen E., m. Rev. Horace Wellington; Maria, m. Lewis P. Bartlett; Lorenzo; Benjamin; Adelaide; Henry Josiah. See Locke Book.

33. Micajah, brother of Asa (31), m. Elmira Russell, 20 Sept. 1812. He resided in Lexington, in the house now occupied by Franklin Alderman, near Arlington line, and had a large family. See Book of the Lockes.

34. Alfred, brother of Asa (31), m. Anna D. Peirce, 14 Apr. 1814. Had Alfred, bap. 8 Jan. 1815; William, bap. 6 June, 1819. Anna D., w. of Alfred, d. 20 Dec. 1822, a. 31. Alfred the father d. 21 Dec. 1825, a. 32. See Wyman, 623.

35. Jonathan, brother of Asa (31), m. (he, of Woburn) Elizabeth Russell, 5 Mar. 1816. Had Lydia Ann; Elizabeth Richardson, m. Daniel Fifield (both Woburn); Adeline Matilda, m. Daniel W. Locke; Jonathan Oliver; Harriet Ann; Varnum P.; Mary C.; Sarah M.; Frances L. and others.

36. Abraham, of St. George's (now Warren, Me.), m. Hannah Locke, 20 June, 1776 (see par. 3). He was son of Daniel and Mary Locke, and b. at Acton, 31 June, 1752 (Daniel,4 Daniel,3 William,2 William1). Abraham Locke, of George's, appears on the rolls of the Provincial Army during the Revolution.

37. Bezaleel (not of W. Camb.), m. Catharine Learned, 13 Oct. 1796. He was a native of Southboroa. See Locke Book, 109, &c.

38. Lydia, and Emery Whitney, of Lexington, m. here 29 May, 1817. See Locke Book, p. 74. George, d. 1 July, 1796, a. 8 yrs.

Lombard, Esther, W. of N. K., d. 26 Oct. 1841, a. 55. Dau. of Ammi Cutter—Cutter (par. 20).

Lopos (otherwise Lopus, Lopous, Lopez ), John, of Woburn, m. Catherine Wilson of Camb., 6 Nov. 1760. Had Catherine, b. 27, bap. 31 Oct. 1762; John, b. 30 Jan., bap. 3 Feb. 1765; Andrew, b.

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