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Asphalia, in Latine Securitas and Certitudo, is a forme of speech by which the speaker persuadeth a securitie and safetie to his hearer by offering himselfe a suretie for the confirmation of his warrant.

An example of Juda persuading his father Jaconb to let Benjamin his yongest sonne go into Aegypt with the rest of his brothers, who used this forme of speech, saying: “I will be suerty for him, of my hand shalt thou require him, if I bring him not to thee, and set him before thee, then let me beare the blame for ever.” Ge.49.9.

Also it is made in a mightie forme thus: My blood for thy blood, my life for thy life, my soule for thy soule.

The use of this figure.

1. To incourage.
This figure or forme of speaking is most apt and forcible to ad courage in dreadfull adventures, and to give comfort
2. To give confort.
and assurance in doubtfull causes, which is a singular vertue of speech and worthy of great praise, namely if it be used in certaintie and truth.

The Caution.

How much this forme of speech is abused, the examples of deceitfull
1. Deceitfull warrants.
warrants may dayly teach. And therefore the most notorious abuse of this figure is to deceive by a false warrant, and deceitfull countenance of speech. Clients are often incouraged by this figure to enter into contention, and confidently to proceed, till an empty pursse parteth the fray. And likewise many a sicke patient is most warranted his life, when his death is neerest at hand.

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