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μονοειδὲς. Cp. Phaedo 78 D μ. ὂν αὐτὸ καθ᾽ αὑτό: ib. 80 B μονοειδεῖ καὶ ἀδιαλύτῳ: Theaet. 205 D: Tim. 59 B: Rep. 612 A εἴτε πολυειδὴς εἴτε μονοειδής ( ἀληθὴς φύσις). Stewart renders “of one Form,” but the full force may be rather “specifically unique,” implying that it is the sole member of its class.

μετέχοντα. For the doctrine of “participation,” see esp. Phaedo 100 C ff., Parmen. 130 B ff.

τοιοῦτον, οἷον. Equiv. to τοιοῦτον ὥστε (see Madv. Gr. S. § 166 c).

ἐκεῖνο. Sc. (αὐτὸ) τὸ καλόν. So frequently “ἐκεῖνο et ἐκεῖνα das Uebersinnliche significat, τάδε vero vel ταῦτα das Sinnliche” (Ast): cp. Phaedrus 250 A, Phaedo 74 B, etc.

μηδὲ πάσχειν μηδέν. As to the ἀπάθεια of the Idea, see Soph. 248 A ff., 251 C ff., and my article on “The Later Platonism” in Journal of Philol. XXIII. pp. 189 ff.

ἐπανιὼν. Cp. Rep. 521 C τοῦ ὄντος οὖσαν ἐπάνοδον, ἣν δὴ φιλοσοφίαν ἀληθῆ φήσομεν εἶναι: ib. 532 B, C.

τοῦ τέλους. This combines the senses “goal” and “sacred symbol”: cf. 210 A; Soph. fr. 753 N. ὡς τρὶς ὄλβιοι | κεῖνοι βροτῶν, οἳ ταῦτα δερχθέντες τέλη | μόλωσ᾽ ἐς Ἅιδου.

τοῦτο γὰρ δή κτλ. Here commences a recapitulation of “the Ascent of Love” as described in 210 A—211 B; cp. Rep. VI., VII. for both language and thought.

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