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1658: In answer to a petition of the inhabitants of Mistick, the Court, Oct. 19, decided that they should have half proportion with the rest of the inhabitants of Charlestown in the commons lately divided, unless Charlestown leave the inhabitants of Mistick and their lands to Malden, and the latter accept them.

We have here the names of the first persons who purchased of Mr. Cradock's heirs; viz., Edward Collins, Richard Russel, Jonathan Wade, and Peter Tufts. These laid out new lots and made many sales; and, being added to the settlers already on the ground, the town may be said to have thus had two beginnings. The descendants of Mr. Tufts became the most numerous family in Medford; those of Mr. Wade were few, but rich: he came over in June, 1632. The names of Collins and Russell survived only a short period. The first bounds of lots cannot now be traced.

The Squa Sachem, residing in Medford, Aug. 1, 1637, gives lands to Jotham Gibbon, aged four, son of Ed. Gibbon. Jotham was born in 1633, and afterwards lived in Medford. For the deeds of these lands, as proofs of legal possession, see our account of “Indians.”

Edward Collins, who bought so much land of Mr. Cradock's heirs and resided in Medford a long time, was the first specimen of a genuine land-speculator in the Massachusetts Colony. Besides his frequent purchases and sales in this neighborhood, we find him making investments elsewhere: for example, Dec. 10, 1655, he sells to Richard Champney five hundred acres in Billerica. In 1660 he sold four hundred acres for £ 404, in West Medford, to Thomas Brooks and Timothy Wheeler. These lands, held under the old Indian deed, have continued in possession of the Brooks family to the present day.

Jonathan Wade, who for several years paid the highest tax in Medford, bought land on the south of the river, near Mystic Bridge. Oct. 2, 1656, he bought four hundred acres of Mathew Avery, then living in Ipswich.

The purchasing of land was the most important business transacted by our early fathers. As a specimen of their keen appetite and steady perseverance, we give a list of purchases by Mr. Peter Tufts, chiefly on “Mystic side:” --

1664, June 22.Bought of Parmelia Nowell200 acres.
1664, June 22.Bought of Parmelia Nowellcommons, 24 acres.
1674, Sept. 28.Bought of Benjamin Bunker17 cow-commons.
1677, April 20.Bought of Richard Russell350 acres.
1679, Nov. 16.Bought of A. Shadwell32 acres.
1681, Sept. 20.Bought of S. Rowse32 acres.
1682, Feb. 3.Bought of John Green6 acres.
1682, May 18.Bought of Alexander Stewart11 acres.
1682, May 29.Bought of M. Dady10 acres.
1682, Dec. 22.Bought of L. Hamond8 1/4 acres.
1684, June 8.Bought of Christopher Goodwin16 acres.
1684, Dec. 13.Bought of Isaac Johnson1 cow-common.
1685, June 20.Bought of Wm. Dady3 cow-commons.
1687, April 21.Bought of Wm. Dady3 acres.
1691, Oct. 5.Bought of Wm. Dady4 cow-commons.
1693, Aug. 20.Bought of J. Frost10 1/2 acres.
1694, May 17.Bought of J. Lynde8 3/4 acres.
1694, May 18.Bought of T. Crosswell3 acres.
1694, May 31.Bought of J. Phipps10 1/2 acres.
1694, Aug. 23.Bought of W. Dady2 acres.
1695, April 23.Bought of J. Newell10 1/2 acres.
1696, Nov. 3.Bought of John Melvin7 3/4 acres.
1696, Dec. 8.Bought of John Cary (Walnut Tree Hill3 1/2 acres.
1697, April 15.Bought of Timothy Goodwinthree pieces.
1697, May 10.Bought of John Dexter9 acres.
1698, May 30.Bought of John Frothingham10 1/2 acres.
1698, Nov. 25.Bought of John Blaney7 acres.
Including the cow-commons, about835 acres.

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