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Another amendment was proposed in 1840, relating to the basis of representation in the Senate and House of Representatives. On this “thirteenth act of amendment of the Constitution of Massachusetts,” Medford voted eighty-one yeas and one nay.

In 1852, a Convention was called for revising the Constitution of the State; and, March 7, 1853, William Hoskins was chosen delegate.

Nov. 14, 1853: The town voted on the acceptance of the amended draft of the Constitution as follows:--

Proposition No. 1338351.
Proposition No. 2339352.
Proposition No. 3334356.
Proposition No. 4342349.
Proposition No. 5346346.
Proposition No. 6355345.
Proposition No. 7340351.
Proposition No. 8341347.

We seem to be in the midst of prophetic political saltations. The secret, sudden, and effectual dismemberment of the Whig, Democratic, and Free Soil parties, in this State, by the agency of an association improperly called “Know Nothings,” gave a new character to the political affairs of Medford; and, at the last gubernatorial election, the votes stood thus:--

Henry J. Gardner, Know Nothing423.
Emory Washburn, Whig147.
Henry Bishop, Democratic29.
H. Wilson, Free Soil9.

To the honor of Medford it should be recorded, that amid the fiercest contentions of political parties, and at their caucuses, and at their ballotings, there have never been instances of ruthless violence, or passionate menace, or systematic corruption. The meetings have been marked with that decorum and self-respect which evince an intelligent and virtuous community.

Votes in Medford for representatives in Congress.

Dates of Election.Names.No. of Votes.
Dec. 18, 1788.William Hull16.
 Eleazer Brooks11.
Oct. 4, 1790.Elbridge Gerry46.
Nov. 2, 1792.Suffolk, Fisher Ames16.
 Essex, Benjamin Goodhue16.
 Middlesex, Samuel Dexter12.
For the three counties, or district.
Nov. 2, 1792.John Coffin Jones15.
For the state at large, except Maine.
 David Cobb16.
Nov. 3, 1794.Benjamin Goodhue30.
Nov. 7, 1796.Samuel Sewall (unanimous) 
Nov. 5, 1798.Samuel Sewall49.
Nov. 3, 1800.Nathan Reed83.
Nov. 1, 1802.John Q. Adams95.
 William Eustice18.
Nov. 1804.Josiah Quincy100.
 William Eustice31.
Nov. 3, 1806.Josiah Quincy58.
 James Prince22.
Nov. 7, 1808.Josiah Quincy120.
 William Jarvis24.
Nov. 5, 1810.Josiah Quincy96.
 David Tilden18.
Nov. 2, 1812.Asahel Stearns72.
 William M. Richardson11.
Nov. 7, 1814.Asahel Stearns191.
 Samuel Dana17.
Nov. 4, 1816.Asahel Stearns150.
 Timothy Fuller20.
Nov. 2, 1818.Samuel P. P. Fay55.
 Timothy Fuller11.
Nov. 6, 1820.Samuel P. P. Fay34.
 Timothy Fuller32.
Nov. 4, 1822.Timothy Fuller37.
Nov. 1, 1824.Edward Everett84.
 John Keyes33.
Nov. 6, 1826.Edward Everett60.
Nov. 3, 1828.Edward Everett100.
 Luke Fishe64.
Nov. 1, 1830.Edward Everett72.
 James Russell30.
Nov. 10, 1832.No Record 
Nov. 10, 1834.Samuel Hoar109.
 Heman Lincoln35.
 James Russell110.
Nov. 14, 1836.William Parmenter164.
 Samuel Hoar125.
Nov. 12, 1838.William Parmenter178.
 Nathan Brooks164.
Nov. 9, 1840.William Parmenter248.
 Nathan Brooks216.
Nov. 4, 1842.Robert Rantoul, jun275.
 Leverett Saltonstall151.
 William B. Dodge25.
Nov. 11, 1844.George Hood254.
 Daniel P. King211.
 Henry B. Stanton57.
Nov. 9, 1846.Daniel P. King157.
 George W. Dike156.
 Increase H. Brown12.
Nov. 13, 1848.Daniel P. King244.
 Robert Rantoul, jun200.
 Caleb Stetson70.
Nov. 11, 1850.Charles W. Upham232.
 Robert Rantoul, jun217.
 Samuel E. Sewall64.
Nov. 8, 1852.Francis B. Fay200.
 George Hood192.
 John B. Alley64.
 George Osborn62.
Nov. 13, 1854.Nathaniel P. Banks470.
 Luther V. Bell136.

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