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77. 98.877 FRAGMENT OF A CUP SUPPL. PLATE 7, 2-3

Formerly in Hartwig's possession. I, athlete; A, athletes. About 500 B.C., early work of the Panaitios Painter (VA. p. 86 no. 12; Att. V. p. 167 no. 21; ARV. p. 213, above, no. 5).

Inside, the upper part of a youth remains, the breast frontal, the head looking down to left: probably an athlete. The contours are in relief-lines. The brown lines on the shoulder and arm, for the sinew of the neck, and for the nostril, hardly appear in the photograph. Red is used for the fillet and for the inscription: on the right, ΑΘ[ΕΝΟΔΟΤΟΣ], on the left, retrograde, Κ[ΑΛΟΣ].

All that remains of A is the leg of an athlete running to left, and the lower half of another, running to right, with a haltēr in his left hand. Relief-lines for the contour.

Although the fragment must be by the Panaitios Painter himself, it stands somewhat apart from the series of early Panaitian works: the stroke is thinner and more refined, as if drawn 'with a different pen'.

ARV2, p. 321, no. 20 (Onesimos); E. Vermeule, AJA 71 (1967), p. 311.

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