Contents of the Ninth volume.

I.--documents,Document Page
 Doc. Page.
1.Sherman's Campaign, 1864-1865,1
 Gen. Sherman's Reports,1
 Gen. Howard's Reports,8
 Campaign of Savannah,11
 Gen. Slocum's Report,19
 Gen. Kilpatrick's Report,22
 Gen. J. C. Davis' Report,25
 Report of Gen. A. S. Williams,30
2.Operations of the 14th Army Corps,37
 Gen. Carlin's Report,38
 Col. Hobart's Report,38
 Lieut.-Col. Brigham's Report,40
 Lieut.-Col. Miles' Report,40
 Lieut. Channels Report,41
 Report of Brig.-Gen. Morgan,42
 Brig.-Gen. Baird's Report,45
3.Operations of the 20th Army Corps,47
 Brig.-Gen. Jackson's Report,47
 Col. Selfridge's Report,50
 Report of Lieut.-Col. Rogers,53
 Col. Carmon's Report,54
 Col. Cogswell's Report,59
 Lieut.-Col. Sill's Report,60
 Report of Maj. A. B. Smith,61
 Maj. Fred. H. Harris' Report,64
 Col. Wm. Hawley's Report,67
 Col. J. S. Robinson's Report,69
 Report of Col. F. H. West,75
 Lieut.-Col. Thomson's Report,76
 Report of Lieut.-Col. H. Watkins,77
 Lieut.-Col. John B. Le Sage's Report,78
 Maj. F. H. Rolshausen's Report,79
 Capt. John Garrett's Report,80
 Brig.-Gen. Geary's Report,80
 Col. Parduck's Report,90
 Col. John Flynn's Report,94
 Lieut.-Col. Craeg's Report,97
 Col. Robert Kirkup's Report,98
 Maj. Myron Wrights' Report,98
 Capt. Schoonover's Report,100
 Lieut.-Col. Powell's Report,100
 Col. P. H. Jones' Report,100
 Maj. L. D. Warner's Report,102
 Col. H. A. Barnum's Report,103
 Lieut.-Col. H. S. Chatfield's Report,107
 Report of Lieut.-Col. Zulick,110
 Report of Lieut.-Col. T. M. Walker,112
 Brig.-Gen. Ward's Report,113
 Col. F. C. Smith's Report,115
 Report of Maj. H. H. Clay,116
 Maj. H. D. Brown's Report,117
 Col. Case's Report,118
 Report of Col. Daniel Dustin,118
 Lieut.-Col. Burton's Report,122
 Lieut.-Col. Crane's Report,124
 Maj. Brant's Report,125
 Report of Lieut.-Col. John J. Baker,127
 Lieut.-Col. Edward Bloodgood's Report,127
 Col. Lockman's Report,129
 Lieut. Harbert's Report,130
 Report of Lieut. Wing,131
 Capt. Summers' Report,133
 Col. Samuel Ross' Report,134
 Lieut.-Col. Hunt's Report,135
 Lieut.-Col. Lester B. Faulkner's Report,135
 Lieut.-Col. Winkler's Report,136
 Lieut.-Col. Powers' Report,136
 Lieut.-Col. Buckingham's Report,137
 Capt. Stuart's Reports,138
 Capt. Lacy's Reports,138
4.Reports of the Artillery Brigade,139
 Maj. Reynolds' Report,139
 Capt. Winegar's Report,141
 Report of Lieut. E. P. Newkirk,142
 Capt. Sloan's Report,142
 Lieut. J. B. Stephens' Report,143
 Col. Buell's Report,143
 Lieut.-Col. Joseph Moore's Report,145
5.Operations at Atlanta, Ga.,145
 Col. Cogswell's Report,145
6.Operations at Milledgeville,147
 Col. Hawley's Report,147
7.Operations of the Cavalry,147
 Col. Murray's Report,147
 Col. Jordan's Report,153
 Lieut.-Col. F. O. Jones' Report,155
 Capt. J. T. Forman's Report,155
 Report of Lieut.-Col. R. H. King,157
 Col. O. G. Baldwin's Report,158
 Col. Smith D. Atkins' Report,162
 Report of Col. Heath,165
 Col. Wm. D. Hamilton's Report,166
 Capt. Beebe's Report,168
 Report of Lieut.-Col. Sanderson,168
 Report of Col. Acker,169
 Lieut.-Col. Van Buskirk's Report,171
 Lieut. Cowen's Report,174
8.Operations of the 15th Army Corps,174
 Report of Gen. Hazen,174
 Gen. Corse's Report,175
 Map showing Sherman's Route,177
 Lieut.-Col. Martin's Report,181
 Lieut.-Col. Tourtelotte's Report,181
 Report of Lieut.-Col. Perrin,182
 Capt. Kochler's Report,183
 Lieut.-Col Wm. Hanna's Report,184
 Report of Lieut.-Col. F. J. Hurlbut,185
 Report of Maj. Forsse,186
 Capt. Cameron's Report,187
 Maj. Griffiths' Report,188
 Capt. Merrell's Report,189
9.Regimental Reports,190
 Report of Lieut.-Col. Van Voorhees,190
 Lieut.-Col. Daboll's Report,192
 Lieut.-Col. Cresson's Report,193
 Col. Mindil's Report,194
 Maj. Hoyt's Report,195
 Maj. Grumback's Report,196
 Report of Lieut.-Col. Doane,198
 Lieut.-Col. Merrill's Report,198
 Maj. Thos. Elliott's Report,199
 Lieut. G. W. Clark's Report,199
10.Naval Reports and Despatches,200
 Despatches of Admiral Lee,201
 Despatches of Rear-Admiral Dahlgren,201
 Reports of Rear-Admiral Dahlgren,204
 Official Correspondence,205
11.The Relief of Fort Sumter208
 Capt. Fox's Letter,208
 Memorandum of Facts,208
 Official Correspondence,212
12.Expedition up White River, Ark.,215
 Report of Col. Andrews,215
13.Destruction of the Alabama,217
 Reports of Captain Winslow,217
 Reports of Casualties,217
 Lieut.-Com. Thornton's Report,219
 Engineer Cushman's Report,220
 Boatswain Walton's Report,220
 Gunner Graham's Report,220
 Extract from Log-Book,220
 Conduct of the Deerhound,220
 The Paroled Prisoners,221
 Officers and Seamen especially noticed,222
 Letters from the Secretary of War,223
 Detailed Report of Capt. Winslow,224
 Armament of the Alabama,226
 Surgeon Browne's Letter,227
 Foreign Account of the Fight,227
 London Times Account,228
 Liverpool “Courier” Account,232
 Mr. Lancaster's Account,233
 Capt. Semmes' Report,233
 London Daily news Account,234
 J. M. Mason's Letter,236
14.Operations in South Carolina,237
 Defence of Gen. Benham,237
15.Fight in Hampton Roads,241
 Secretary Mallory's Report,241
 Flag-Officer Buchanan's Report,241
16.Army of the Potomac,244
 Official Correspondence,244
17.Sequel to Gen. McCall's Report,247
18.Battle of Antietam,251
 Brig.-Gen. Gordon's Report,251
19.Fight in Albemarle Sound, May, 1864,254
 Official Accounts,255
20.General Harney's Final Report,257
21.Operations in Virginia,262
 Gen. Meade's Reports,262
 Operations at Mine Run,263
22.Operations of the Army of Northern Virginia,267
 Message of Jefferson Davis,267
 Letter from Secretary Seddon,267
 Gen. Lee's Official Report,267
 Battle of Mechanicsville,268
 Battle of the Chickahominy,269
 Battle of Frazier's Farm,270
 Battle of Savage Station,270
 Battle of Malvern Hill,271
 Battle of Cedar Run,273
 Battle of Ox Hill,274
 Battle of Manassas,276
 Capture of Harper's Ferry,279
 Operations in Maryland,279
 Movements on the Rappahannock,284
 Battle of Fredericksburg,284
 Appendix to Gen. Lee's Report,288
23.Battles of Port Republic and Cross Keys,293
 Gen. Jackson's Report,293
 Gen. Ewell's Report,296
 Gen. Winder's Report,299
 Gen. Scott's Report,301
 Report of Gen. Taliaferro,301
 Report of the 4th Brigade,302
 Gen. Trimble's Report,303
 Gen. R. Taylor's Report,306
 Reports of Col. W. C. Scott,307
 Report of Col. Neff,309
 Col. C. A. Duncan's Report,310
 Col. J. Grigsby's Report,310
 Col. J. W. Allen's Report,311
 Col. Mumford's Report,312
 Col. Crutchfield's Report,315
 Lieut.-Col. Martin's Report,315
 Lieut.-Col. Funk's Report,316
 Reports of Lieut.-Col. Garnett,317
 Report of Capt. Leigh,318
 Report of Capt. Poague,319
 Capt. Carpenter's Report,319
 Lists of Casualties,321
24.Operations around Richmond,322
 Report of Gen. Longstreet,322
 Gen. Jackson's Report of the Battle of Cold Harbor,325
 Gen. Ewell's Report,329
 List of Casualties,332
 Gen. Huger's Report,334
 Gen. Holmes' Reports,336
 Gen. Whiting's Reports,337
 Report of Gen. McLaws,340
 Brig.-Gen. D. R. Jones' Report,343
 Report of Gen. A. P. Hill,346
 Gen. D. H. Hill's Report,350
 List of Casualties,354
 Report of Gen. Magruder,355
 Gen. Rodes' Report,368
 Col. Gordon's Report,370
 Report of Gen. Pendleton,371
 Report of Gen. R. S. Ripley,373
 Brig.-Gen. Garland's Report,376
 Brig.-Gen. J. R. Anderson's Report,380
 Report of Gen. Field,382
 Report of Gen. Pender,384
 Report of Gen. Archer,386
 Brig.-Gen. Branch's Report,387
 Col. Warren's Report,389
 Lieut.-Col. Cunningham's Report,389
 Brig.-Gen. C. S. Winder's Report,390
 Brig.-Gen. Lawton's Reports,392
 Report of Brig.-Gen. Cobb,395
 Gen. Toombs' Reports,397
 Col. G. T. Anderson's Reports,399
 Reports of Gen. Semmes,400
 Col. Barksdale's Reports,402
 Col. Kershaw's Report,403
 Report of Gen. Early,406
 Col. Stafford's Report,407
 Gen. Trimble's Reports,408
 Col. Walker's Report,412
 Gen. Hood's Report,412
 Brig.-Gen. Wise's Report,413
 Col. Daniel's Report,414
 Col. Manning's Report,415
 Gen. Ripley's Report,416
 Gen. Pryor's Report,416
 Col. Strange's Reports,417
 Gen. Wilcox's Reports,419
 Gen. Featherston's Reports,424
 Gen. Kemper's Report,427
 Report of Gen. Gregg,430
 Gen. Ransom's Reports,433
 Gen. Mahone's Reports,436
 Gen. Armistead's Report,439
 Gen. Wright's Reports,440
 Report of Gen. J. E. B. Stuart,448
 Report of Col. Fitz Lee,454
 Col. Rosser's Report,454
 Lieut.-Col. Bower's Report,456
 Report of Col. Goode,457
 Report of Lieut.-Col. Martin,458
 Report of Lieut. Robins,460
 Report of Col. T. R. R. Cobb,461
 Col. McCowan's Report,461
 Report of Col. Brockenbrough,463
 Report of Col. Wm. Smith,464
 Lieut.-Col. James' Report,465
 Lieut.-Col. Gilliam's Report,465
 Col. Tomlin's Report,467
 Maj. Waddill's Report,467
 Capt. Grammer's Report,468
 Capt. Martin's Report,469
 Col. Hodge's Report,469
 Col. S. D. Lee's Reports,469
 Report of Col. Cowan,471
 Report of Col. Edwards,472
 Report of Col. Mayo,473
 Report of Col. Edmonds,474
 Maj. Cabell's Reports,476
 Col. Deshler's Report,477
 Col. Barnes' Report,479
 Report of Col. Mallory,481
 Lieut.-Col. Barber's Report,482
 Capt. Marmaduke Johnson's Report,483
 Col. Lane's Report,483
 Report of Lieut.-Col. Hoke,484
 Report of Col. Hamilton,485
 Letter of Gen. Gregg,486
 Report of Col. Haywood,487
 Col. Starke's Report,489
 Col. Col. J. F. Marshall's Report,491
 Capt. Crenshaw's Report,495
 Col. Bradley T. Johnson's Report,497
 Capt. Squier's Report,497
 Capt. Graham's Report,498
 Capt. Martin's Report,498
 Capt. McIntosh's Report,498
 Capt. Carpenter's Report,499
 Capt. Grimes' Report,499
 Capt. Huger's Report,500
 Adjt. Thomas Smith's Report,500
 Col. Crutchfield's Report,501
 Capt. John Lane's Report,502
 Lieut. Massie's Report,503
 Capt. Milledge's Report,503
 Lieut.-Col. Cutts' Report,503
 Report of Capt. Ancell,504
 Lieut. Woolfolk's Report,504
 Capt. Poague's Report,505
 Capt. Page's Report,506
 Capt. Kirkpatrick's Report,506
 Maj. Nelson's Report,506
 Maj. Richardson's Report,507
 Col. J. Thompson Brown's Report,509
 Col. Nance's Reports,509
 Col. Aiken's Reports,513
 Maj. Gaillard's Report,515
 Report of Col. Henagan,515
 Report of Capt. Kemper,517
 Reports of Col. Benning,517
 Col. Cumming's Report,519
 Reports of Capt. Dawson,519
 Maj. McElroy's Report,520
 Lieut.-Col. Fizer's Report,520
 Lieut.-Col. Luse's Report,521
 Maj. W. M. Jones' Report,522
 Report of Capt. Wm. C. F. Brooks,522
 Report of Col. Millian,522
 Col. Neff's Report,523
 Capt. Vermillion's Report,524
 Capt. Mosely's Report,524
 Col Baylor's Report,525
 Maj. H. P. Jones' Report,527
 Maj. Henry Law's Report,527
 Report of Capt. Leigh,528
 Maj. Berry's Report,529
 Capt. Battey's Report,529
 Col. Douglass' Report,530
 Capt. Smith's Report,531
 Capt. Wooding's Report,531
 Lieut.-Col. Botts' Report,532
 Report of Maj. Griffin,533
 Report of Maj. Garnett,534
 Maj. Wm. M. Jones' Report,535
 Lieut.-Col. Holmes' Report,535
 Report of Col. Magill,536
 Lieut.-Col. Luffman's Reports,537
 Capt. Carmichael's Report,539
25.Battle of Cedar Run,539
 Gen. Jackson's Report,539
 Gen. Ewell's Report,542
 Gen. A. P. Hill's Report,543
 Gen. Taliaferro's Report,545
 Gen. Field's Report,547
 Col. Forno's Report,547
 Gen. Archer's Report,547
 Gen. Trimble's Report,548
 Gen. Branch's Report,548
 Report of Gen. Pender,549
 Brig.-Gen. Early's Report,549
 Col. Ronald's Report,553
 Lieut.-Col. Garnett's Report,554
 Col. Taliaferro's Report,555
 Col. Stafford's Report,556
 Col. Crutchfield's Report,556
 Capt. Witcher's Report,557
 Maj. Seddon's Report,558
 Lieut.-Col. Jackson's Report,559
 Capt. Dobyn's Report,560
 Col. W. E. Jones' Report,560
 Maj. Wood's Report,561
 Lieut.-Col. Walton's Report,561
 Maj. Williams' Report,562
 Lieut.-Col. Hughes' Report,562
 Maj. Stover's Report,562
 Maj. Courtnay's Report,563
 Lieut.-Col. Gardner's Report,564
 Lieut.-Col. Botts' Report,564
 Capt. Horton's Report,565
 Capt. Haynes' Report,565
 Lieut.-Col. Lee's Report,566
 Col. J. A. Walker's Report,567
 Lieut.-Col. R. L. Walker's Report,568
 Capt. Poague's Report,569
 Capt. D'Aquin's Report,569
 Capt. Carpenter's Report,569
26.Summer Campaign of 1862. Confederate Official Reports,569
 Gen. Longstreet's Report,569
 Gen. Jackson's Reports,575
 Tables of Casualties,583
 Report of Maj.-Gen. D. H. Hill,586
 List of Casualties,591
 Maj.-Gen. A. P. Hill's Report,593
 Gen. J. E. B. Stuart's Reports,597
 Gen. Stuart's reply to Gen. Trimble,605
 Gen. McLaw's Reports,609
 Report of Gen. Early,615
 Gen. Taliaferro's Report,627
 Gen. Walker's Reports,629
 Brig.-Gen. Hood's Reports,632
 Brig.-Gen. Rodes' Report,635
 Maj.-Gen. D. R. Jones' Report,636
 Brig.-Gen. J. R. Jones' Report,638
 Reports of Brig.-Gen. Wilcox,639
 Brig.-Gen. French's Report,643
 Brig.-Gen. Pendleton's Report,644
 Reports of Gen. Wade Hampton,647
 Col. Bradley T. Johnson's Report,648
 Brig.-Gen. Trimble's Reports,651
 Col. Forno's Report,652
 Brig.-Gen. Robertson's Reports,653
 Col. Edward L. Thomas' Report,653
 Report of Brig.-Gen. Archer,654
 Report of Brig.-Gen. Pender,657
 Report of Brig.-Gen. Lane,659
 Brig.-Gen. McGowan's Report,662
 Statement of Killed and Wounded,667
 Report of Brig.-Gen. Evans,668
 Report of Brig.-Gen. Ransom,670
 Report of Brig.-Gen. Pryor,671
 Report of Brig.-Gen. Featherston,671
 Brig.-Gen. Benning's Reports,673
 Col. E. M. Law's Reports,676
 Col. J. Walker's Reports,678
 Col. G. T. Anderson's Reports,680
 Report of Brig.-Gen. Toombs,683
 Reports of Brig.-Gen. Garnett,686
 Brig.-Gen. Ripley's Report,688
 Col. Colquitt's Reports,690
 Brig.-Gen. Rodes' Reports,691
 Brig.-Gen. Semmes' Report,694
 Brig.-Gen. Barksdale's Report,696
 Brig.-Gen. Kershaw's Report,696
 Report of Col. Wofford,697
 Report of Col. Stafford,699
 Col. McRae's Report,700
 Col. Pendleton's Report,700
 Reports of Col. Walton,702
 Reports of Col. Crutchfield,706
 Col. S. D. Lee's Reports,709
 Signal Reports,711
 Report of Capt. J. K. Boswell,713
 Report of Capt. Brown,714
 Reports of Maj. Frobel,715
 Col. Baker's Report,717
 Report of Lieut.-Col. Young,717
 Lieut.-Col. Magruder's Report,718
 Col. T. T. Mumford's Report,719
 Col. Rosser's Reports,719
 Capt. Squiers' Report,720
 Capt. Miller's Report,722
 Lieut.-Col. R. L. Walker's Report,722
 Col. Harman's Report,724
 Maj. Pelham's Report,724
 Maj. Hairston's Report,724
 Capt. Myer's Report,725
 Maj. Hawks' Report,725
 Maj. Harman's Report,725
27.Maj.-Gen. Banks' Official Reports,726
 Port Hudson Campaign,726
 Campaign in Texas,733
 Red River Campaign,736
 Gen. Franklin's Report,750
 A Rebel Narrative751
 Gen. Emory's Report's757
II.--Poetry and incidents,Page
1.Hail to the Kearsarge, by George W. Bungay,1
2.Captain Semmes, C. S. N., June 19, 1864, by H. Boker,1
3.Fort Pillow, a Southern Hymn of Praise, by R. R. B.,2
4.Loss of the Southfield,3
5.Letter of General Sedgwick,3
6.Who took Rocky Face Ridge,4
7.Speech of Mrs. Major Booth at Fort Pillow,4
8.Correspondence between President Lincoln and General Grant,4
9.Anecdotes of Farragut and Grant,5
10.Anecdote of President Lincoln,5
11.Passage from an Address of Gov. Andrew,6
12.The Ravages of Bushwhackers,6
13.A Raid of Mounted Infantry in Tennessee,6
14.Female Bushwhackers,7
15.The History of a Brave Heart,8

List of Illustrations.

Portrait of Major-Gen. William T. Sherman,Frontispiece. 
Portrait of Major-Gen. H. W. Slocum,to facep. 1
Portrait of Major-Gen. T. J. Woods,to face12
Portrait of Major-Gen. J. A. Logan,to face64
Portrait of Major-Gen. R. J. Oglesby,to face112
Portrait of Major-Gen. H. J. Hunt,to face160
Portrait of Major-Gen. P. R. De Trobriand,to face208
Portrait of Major-Gen. William F. Barry,to face250
Portrait of Major-Gen. George W. Morell,to face304
Portrait of Major-Gen. Frank Washburn,to face360
Portrait of Major-Gen. George Reynolds,to face424
Portrait of Major-Gen. John Newton,to face520
Portrait of Colonel Lewis Benedict,to face737
Portrait of Major-Gen. W. B. Franklin,to face750

Maj. Gen. H. W. Slocum.

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