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119. Other examples are the following:—

concors, harmonious STEM concord- praeceps, headlong STEM praecipit-
M., F. N. M., F. N.
NOM. concors concors praeceps praeceps
GEN. concordis concordis praecipitis praecipitis
DAT. concordī concordī praecipitī praecipitī
ACC. concordem concors praecipitem praeceps
ABL. concordī concordī praecipitī praecipitī
NOM. concordēs concordia praecipitēs praecipitia
GEN. concordium concordium [praecipitium]1
DAT. concordibus concordibus praecipitibus praecipitibus
ACC. concordīs (-ēs concordia praecipitīs (-ēs praecipitia
ABL. concordibus concordibus praecipitibus praecipitibus

iēns, going STEM eunt- pār, equal STEM par- dīves, rich STEM dīvit-
M., F. N. M., F. N. M., F. N.
NOM. iēns iēns pār pār dīves dīves
GEN. euntis euntis paris paris dīvitis dīvitis
DAT. euntī euntī parī parī dīvitī dīvitī
ACC. euntem iēns parem pār dīvitem dīves
ABL. eunte (-ī eunte (-ī parī parī dīvite dīvite
NOM. euntēs euntia parēs paria dīvitēs [dītia]
GEN. euntium euntium parium parium dīvitum dīvitum
DAT. euntibus euntibus paribus paribus dīvitibus dīvitibus
ACC. euntīs (-ēs euntia parīs (-ēs paria dīvitīs (-ēs [dītia]
ABL. euntibus euntibus paribus paribus dīvitibus dīvitibus

Note.--Of these vetus is originally an s-stem. In most s-stems the r has intruded self into the nominative also, as bi-corpor (for † bi-corpos ), dēgener (for † -genes ).

ūber, fertile STEM ūber- vetus, old STEM veter-
M., F. N. M., F. N.
NOM. ūber ūber vetus vetus
GEN. ūberis ūberis veteris veteris
DAT. ūberī ūberī veterī veterī
ACC. ūberem ūber veterem vetus
ABL. ūberī 2 ūberī vetere (-ī vetere (-ī
NOM. ūberēs ūbera veterēs vetera
GEN. ūberum ūberum veterum veterum
DAT. ūberibus ūberibus veteribus veteribus
ACC. ūberēs ūbera veterēs vetera
ABL. ūberibus ūberibus veteribus veteribus

1 Given by grammarians, but not found.

2 An ablative in -e is very rare.

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