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358. The apparent Genitive animī (really Locative) is used with a few verbs and adjectives of feeling and the like:—

  1. Antiphō excruciat animī(Ter. Ph. 187) , Antipho tortures my mind (me in my mind).
  2. quī pendet animī(Tusc. 4.35) , who is in suspense.
  3. animīfallit (Lucr. 1.922) , my mind deceives me.
  4. So, by analogy, dēsipiēbam mentis(Pl. Epid. 138) , I was out of my head.
  5. aeger animī, sick at heart; cōnfūsus animī, disturbed in spirit.
  6. sānus mentis aut animī(Pl. Trin. 454) , sound in mind or heart.
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