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64. Nouns of this class are declined as follows:—

nomen , N., name genus, N., race corpus, N., body aequor , N., sea
STEM nomin- STEM gener- STEM corpor- STEM aequor-

NOM. nōmen genus corpus aequor
GEN. nōminis generis corporis aequoris
DAT. nōminī generī corporī aequorī
ACC. nōmen genus corpus aequor
ABL. nōmine genere corpore aequore
NOM. nōmina genera corpora aequora
GEN. nōminum generum corporum aequorum
DAT. nōminibus generibus corporibus aequoribus
ACC. nōmina genera corpora aequora
ABL. nōminibus generibus corporibus aequoribus

So also are declined opus , -eris, work; pīgnus, -eris or -oris, pledge, etc.

Note.--The following real or apparent liquid and nasal stems have the genitive plural in -ium, and are to be classed with the i-stems: imber , linter, ūter , venter; glīs, mās, mūs, [†rēn]; also vīrēs (plural of vīs : see § 79).

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