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430. Verbs of placing, though implying motion, take the construction of the place where:

Such are pōnō , locō , collocō , statuō , cōnstituō , etc.:—

  1. quī in sēde ac domō collocāvit (Par. 25) , who put [one] into his place and home.
  2. statuitur eques Rōmānus in Aprōnī convīviō (Verr. 3.62) , a Roman knight is brought into a banquet of Apronius.
  3. īnsula Dēlos in Aegaeō marī posita (Manil. 55) , the island of Delos, situated in the Ægean Sea.
  4. in ūnō Pompêiō omnia pōnerētis (id. 59), if you made everything depend on Pompey alone.

Note.--Compounds of pōnō take various constructions (see the Lexicon under each word).

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