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133. These two series are as follows:—

1. ūnus, ūna, ūnum, one prīmus, -a, -um, first I
2. duo, duae, duo, two secundus (alter), second II
3. trēs, tria, three tertius, third III
4. quattuor quārtus IIII or IV
5. quīnque quīntus V
6. sex sextus VI
7. septem septimus VII
8. octō octāvus VIII
9. novem nōnus VIIII or IX
10. decem decimus X
11. ūndecim ūndecimus XI
12. duodecim duodecimus XII
13. tredecim (decem (et) trēs tertius decimus (decimus (ettertius XIII
14. quattuordecim quārtus decimus XIIII or XIV
15. quīndecim quīntus decimus XV
16. sēdecim sextus decimus XVI
17. septendecim septimus decimus XVII
18. duodēvīgintī (octōdecim) duodēvīcēnsimus (octāvus decimus XVIII

Note 1.--The forms in -ēnsimus are often written without the n: as, vīcēsimus , etc.

Note 2.--The forms octōdecim, novendecim are rare, duodēvīgintī (two from twenty), ūndēvīgintī (one from twenty), being used instead. So 28, 29; 38, 39; etc. may be expressed either by the subtraction of two and one or by the addition of eight and nine respectively.

19. ūndēvīgintī (novendecim) ūndēvīcēnsimus(nōnus decimus XVIIII or XIX
20. vīgintī vīcēnsimus (vīgēnsimus) XX
21. vīgintī ūnus (or ūnus et vīgintī, etc. vīcēnsimus prīmus (ūnus et vīcēnsimus, etc. XXI
30. trīgintā trīcēnsimus XXX
40. quadrāgintā quadrāgēnsimus XXXX or XL
50. quīnquāgintā quīnquāgēnsimus or L
60. sexāgintā sexāgēnsimus LX
70. septuāgintā septuāgēnsimus LXX
80. octōgintā octōgēnsimus LXXX
90. nōnāgintā nōnāgēnsimus LXXXX or XC
100. centum centēnsimus C
101. centum (et) ūnus, etc. centēnsimus prīmus, etc. CI
200. ducentī, -ae, -a ducentēnsimus CC
300. trecentī trecentēnsimus CCC
400. quadringentī quadringentēnsimus CCCC
500. quīngentī quīngentēnsimus D
600. sescentī sescentēnsimus DC
700. septingentī septingentēnsimus DCC
800. octingentī octingentēnsimus DCCC
900. nōngentī nōngentēnsimus DCCCC
1000. mīlle mīllēnsimus [oolig ] (CIↃ) or M
5000. quīnque mīlia (mīllia) quīnquiēns mīllēnsimus IↃↃ
10,000. decem mīlia (mīllia) deciēns mīllēnsimus CCIↃↃ
100,000. centum mīlia (mīllia) centiēns mīllēnsimus CCCIↃↃↃ

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