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454. The Infinitive is used as the apparent Subject with many impersonal verbs and expressions:

Such are libet , licet , oportet , decet , placet , vīsum est , pudet , piget , necesse est , opus est , etc.:—

  1. libet mihi cōnsīderāre (Quinct. 48) , it suits me to consider.
  2. necesse est morī (Tusc. 2.2) , it is necessary to die.
  3. quid attinet glōriōsē loquī nisi cōnstanter loquāre (Fin. 2.89) , what good does it do to talk boastfully unless you speak consistently?
  4. neque vīxisse paenitet (id. 84), I do not feel sorry to have lived.
  5. gubernāre taedēbat (Att. 2.7.4) , I was tired of being pilot.

Note.--This use is a development of the Complementary Infinitive (§ 456); but the infinitives approach the subject construction and may be con veniently regarded as the subjects of the impersonals.

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