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60. In poetry two vowels, or a vowel and a diphthong, belonging to successive syllables may unite to form a single syllable in pronunciation, but not in writing. Thus, βέλεα missiles, πόλεως city, Πηληϊάδεω son of Peleus, χρυ_ςέῳ golden. This is called Synizēsis (συνίζησις settling together).

61. Synizesis may occur between two words when the first ends in a long vowel or diphthong. This is especially the case with δή now, or, (interrog.), μή not, ἐπεί since, ἐγώ I, oh; as ου᾽ O 18.

a. The term synizesis is often restricted to cases where the first vowel is long. Where the first vowel is short, ε, ι were sounded nearly like y; υ nearly like ω. Cp. 44 a. The single syllable produced by synizesis is almost always long.

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