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Subject in the Dual, Verb in the Plural

954. The first person dual agrees in form with the first person plural (462).

955. A dual subject may take a plural verb: ““Ξενοφῶντι προσέτρεχον δύο νεα_νίσκωtwo youths ran up to XenophonX. A. 4.3.10. In the orators the dual verb is almost always used.

956. The dual and plural verb may alternate: αἵρεσιν εἱλέτην τε καὶ διεπρά_ξαντο the two souls have made their choice and put it into effect P. Phae. 256c.

957. The neuter dual may be followed by the dual, the plural, or the singular verb (A 104, 200, M 466).

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