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266. αἰδώς shame is the only ος stem in Attic. It is inflected in the singular only. Nom. αἰδώς, Gen. αἰδοῦς (αἰδό-ος), Dat. αἰδοῖ (αἰδό-ι), Acc. αἰδῶ (αἰδό-α), Voc. αἰδώς.

266 D. Hom. and Ion. ἠώς dawn (ἠοσ-) is inflected like αἰδώς. For αἰδοῦς, ἠῶ we may read αἰδόος, ἠόα and some other open forms in Hom. The Attic form ἕως is declined according to 238; but the accus. is ἕω (238 d). Hom. has ἱδρόα from ἱδρώς sweat (usually a τ stem). Cp. 257 D.

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