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88. β regularly and φ usually become μ before ν. Thus, σεμνός revered for σεβ-νος (σέβ-ομαι), στυμνός firm for στυφ-νος (στύ_φω contract).

89. γίγνομαι become, γιγνώσκω know become γί_νομαι, γι_νώσκω in Attic after 300 B.C., in New Ionic, late Doric, etc.

90. λν becomes λλ in ὄλλυ_μι destroy for ὀλ-νυ_μι.

λν is kept in πίλναμαι approach. On sigma before ν see 105.

90 D. Aeolic βόλλα council, attic βουλή and Doric βωλά_ (with compensatory lengthening), probably for βολνα_.

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