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267. Stems in ωϝ have lost vau and appear as ω stems. This ω contracts with the case endings in the dative and accusative singular and in the nominative and accusative plural. Stems in ωϝ are masculine.

Nom.ἥρως heroN. A. V.ἥρω-εN. V. ἥρω-ες (rarely ἥρως
Gen.ἥρω-οςG. D.ἡρώ-οινGen. ἡρώ-ων
Dat.ἥρω-ι (usually ἥρῳDat. ἥρω-σιν
Acc.ἥρω-α (usually ἥρωAcc. ἥρω-ας (rarely ἥρως

Τρώς Trojan (252 a), πάτρως father's brother, μήτρως mother's brother, δμως slave (poetic, cp. 252 a).

a. Forms of the Attic second declension (237) are gen. ἥρω, Μί_νω, acc. ἥρων; dual ἥρῳν (on an inscription).

267 D. Hom. has ἥρωϊ (for ἥρῳ read ἡρω^ϊ), ἥρωα (or ἥρω᾽), ἥρωες ἥρωας, Μί_νωα and Μί_νω. Hdt. has the gen. Μί_νω and Μί_νωος, the acc. πάτρων, ἥρων, but μήτρωα.

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