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1851. Only in the indicative do the tenses show time absolutely present, past, or future.

a. Present time is denoted by

1. The Present: γράφω I write, am writing.

2. The Perfect: γέγραφα I have written.

b. Past time is denoted by

1. The Imperfect: ἔγραφον I wrote, was writing.

2. The Aorist: ἔγραψα I wrote.

3. The Pluperfect: ἐγεγράφη I had written.

N.—The only past tenses are the augmented tenses.

c. Future time is denoted by

1. The Future: γράψω I shall write.

2. The Future Perfect: γεγράψεται it will have been written, τεθνήξω I shall be dead (shall have died).

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