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2220. Verbs of caution (2210 b, 2224 a) have, in negative clauses, the construction either of

a. Verbs of effort, and take ὅπως μή with the future indicative:

““εὐλαβούμενοι ὅπως μὴ . . . οἰχήσομαιtaking care that I do not departP. Ph. 91c, ““ὅρα_ ὅκως μή σευ ἀποστήσονταιbeware lest they revolt from theeHdt. 3.36.

b. Verbs of fearing, and take μή (μὴ οὐ) or ὅπως μή (2230) with the subjunctive (or optative):

““ὁρᾶτε μὴ πάθωμενtake care lest we sufferX. C. 4.1.15, ““φυλάττου ὅπως μὴ . . . εἰς τοὐναντίον ἔλθῃςbe on your guard lest you come to the oppositeX. M. 3.6.16, ““ὑποπτεύομεν . . . ὑ_μᾶς μὴ οὐ κοινοὶ ἀποβῆτεwe suspect that you will not prove impartialT. 3.53, ὑποπτεύσα_ς μὴ τὴν θυγατέρα λέγοι, ἤρετο κτλ. suspecting that he meant his daughter, he asked, etc. X. C. 5.2.9. So with a past indicative (2233).

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