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1023. Neuter, when the substantive idea is thing in general: τὸ ἀγαθόν the (highest) good P. R. 506b (but ““τὰ ἀγαθάgood thingsL. 12.33), ““τὸ ἀληθέςtruthP. G. 473b, τὸ κοινόν the commonwealth Ant. 3. β. 3, ““τὸ ἐσόμενονthe futureAes. 3.165, ““τὸ λεγόμενονas the saying isT. 7.68, ““ἀμφὶ μέσον ἡμέρα_ςabout mid-dayX. A. 4.4.1, ““ἐπὶ πολύover a wide spaceT. 1.18.

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