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397. Verbs in -εω of two syllables do not contract ε with ο or ω. The present and imperfect indicative of πλέω sail are inflected as follows.


and so πλέω, πλέοιμι, πλεῖ, πλεῖν, πλέων, πλέουσα, πλέον. In like manner θέω run, πνέω breathe.

a. δέω need has δεῖς, δεῖ it is necessary, δέῃ, δέοι, δεῖν, τὸ δέον what is necessary; δέομαι want, request, has δέει, δεῖται, δεόμεθα, δέωμαι. But δέω bind is usually an exception, making δεῖς, δεῖ, δοῦμεν, ἔδουν bound, τὸ δοῦν that which binds, δοῦμαι, δοῦνται, but δεόμενον, δέον appear in some writers.

b. ξέω scrape contracts. βδέω, ξέω and τρέω have lost ς; πλέω, θέω, πνέω have lost [υγλιδε]ϝ); δέω need is for δευσω; δέω bind is for δε[ιγλιδε]ω.

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