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οὐ δοκεῖ σοι κτλ.: do you not think that the following things also resemble works of design? τάδε introduces the infs. with τό as far as ἀπογεισῶσαι, and the remaining infs., beginning with τὸ δέχεσθαι, are summed up in ταῦτα οὕτω πεπραγμένα.

τὸ βλεφάροις αὐτὴν θυρῶσαι: the providing it with a door of eyelids, lit. dooring it with eyelids. Similarly ἀπογεισῶσαι below. For the denominative verbs, cf. φυτευσαμένῳ i. 1. 8.

αὐτῇ χρῆσθαί τι: to use it for any purpose. For the neut. pron. with χράομαι and the dat. of means, see H. 777 a.

ὡς ἄν: for ἄν in final clauses, see G. 1367; H. 882.

ἡθμόν: as a screen, pred. accusative.

ζῴοις: dat. of possessor. H. 768 b.

οἵους: i.e. τοιούτους, ὥστε. For οἷος alone with the inf., see G. 1526, last example; H. 1000.

τοὺς γομφίους: the molars.

παρὰ τούτων δεξαμένους λεαίνειν: to receive it (the food) from these, and masticate it.

καταθεῖναι: placing, with resumption of the subj. of θυρῶσαι and ἀπογεισῶσαι. Here, as in 11, the Creator is thought of as an artist who arranges at will the materials before him.

ἐπεὶ δυσχερῆ: sc. ἐστί.

ἀποστρέψαι καὶ ἀπενεγκεῖν: turning away and removing.

δυνατόν προσωτάτω: quantum fieri potest remotissime.

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