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ὡς συνελόντι εἰπεῖν: to sum it up in a word. For the dat., see G. 1172, 2; H. 771 b, and, for the abs. inf., G. 1534; H. 956.

αὐτός: the owner, in distinction from his property (τὰ ὄντα).

ἂν καταφεύγοι: potential opt. in cond. rel. clause. See GMT. 557.

γραφαὶ καὶ ποικιλίαι: paintings and walldecorations. It is not clear whether Socrates objects to these because so much money is ‘locked up’ in them, or on the ground that they ‘are more trouble than they are worth.’

ναοῖς: instead of the ‘Attic’ form νεῴς. So ναόν An. v.3.9

χώραν: a situation.

ἐμφανεστάτη: most conspicuous, being on high ground.

οὖσα: concessive.

ἀστιβεστάτη: lit. most untrodden, ‘far from the madding crowd.’

ἰδόντας: sc. from a distance.

ἁγνῶς ἔχοντας προσιέναι: helps to explain ἀστιβεστάτη, “to approach it unsullied” sc. by contact with the throng.

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