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384. ti/ pa/qw;

Notice the frequent use of “τί πάθω”; What am I to submit to in order to a certain end? What is to become of me? is one side, What am I to do? is another.

τὸ μέλλον, εἰ χρή, πείσομαι. τί γὰρ πάθω”; EUR. Phoen. 895; What is to come. I'll bear, if need be. What's the odds? (Let fate do her worst.)

HDT.4.118:τί γὰρ πάθωμεν μὴ βουλομένων ὑμέων τιμωρέειν”;

AR. Av. 1432:τί γὰρ πάθω; σκάπτειν γὰρ οὐκ ἐπίσταμαι” . Lys. 884:οἷον τὸ τεκεῖν: καταβατέον. τί γὰρ πάθω;” 954. Eccl. 860. Pl. 603. (Cf. Nub. 461:τί πείσομαι;Ibid. 791. Vesp. 1000. Eccl. 911.)

EUR. Phoen. 895 (see above).

SOPH. Tr. 973:τί πάθω; τί δὲ μήσομαι; οἴμοι”.

HOM. Od. 5.465: “ μοι ἐγώ, τί πάθω; τί νύ μοι μήκιστα γένηται”;

Il. 11.404-5: “ μοι ἐγώ, τί πάθω; μέγα μὲν κακόν, αἴ κε φέβωμαι” | “πληθὺν ταρβήσας”.

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