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50. Parts of the Human Body:

PLATO, Prot. 352A:ἴθι δή μοι ἀποκαλύψας καὶ τὰ στήθη καὶ τὸ μετάφρενον ἐπίδειξον”, and forms of “στήθη” of a single individual elsewhere.

XEN. An. 2.6.11:αὐτοῦ ἐν τοῖς προσώποις” , if the reading is correct. Cyr. 4.6.4:παίσας εἰς τὰ στέρνα τὸν . . . παῖδα” , and so forms of “στέρνα” elsewhere, but An. 1.8.26:παίει κατὰ τὸ στέρνον” .

THUC.2.49.3:ἐς τὰ στήθη”.

AR. Lys. 810:τὰ πρόσωπα” , if the reading is correct. Thesm. 1067:ἀστεροειδέα νῶτα” .

EUR. El.1321:περί μοι στέρνοις στέρνα πρόσαψον”, and so forms of “στέρνα” elsewhere. Hel. 1568: “μέτωπα” (sc. “ταύρου”). Tr. 763: “ἐμοῖς νώτοισι”, and so forms of “νῶτα” elsewhere.

SOPH. El. 1277:τῶν σῶν προσώπων” , and so forms of “πρὀσωπα” elsewhere. Tr. 1090: “ νῶτα καὶ στέρν”(“α”), and so forms of “νῶτα” and “στέρνα” elsewhere.

AESCHYL. P.V. 65:στέρνων διαμπάξ” , and so forms of “στέρνα” elsewhere; sing. not in Aeschylus. Ibid. 430:νώτοις” (of Atlas).

PIND. P. 1.19:στέρνα λαχνάεντα” . N. 9.26:νῶτα” .

HOM. Od. 6.107: “μέτωπα” (the only instance of the plural of this word in Iliad and Odyssey). 6.225: “νῶτα”, and so forms of “νῶτα” often. 8.85: “πρόσωπα”, and so elsewhere. 18.69: “στήθεα”, and so forms of “στήθεα” often. “στέρνα” not found in sing. sense in

Il. 8.94: “νῶτα”. 13.290: “στέρνων”. 18.414: “πρόσωπα”, and so forms of “πρόσωπα” elsewhere. 18.415: “στήθεα”, and so forms of “στήθεα” elsewhere.

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