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638. o(/los in attributive position.

The attributive position of “ὅλος” is much less common than the predicative.

τὴν ὅλην ἐπιβουλὴν καὶ πονηρίαν . . . ὄψεσθε”, DEM.32.2; You will see the whole extent of the chicanery and rascality.τὴν ὅλην τῶν πραγμάτων διοίκησιν”, ISOC.9.69; The whole management of the state.

DIN. , No example.

HYPER. 1.12.17: “σὲ δὲ τὸν τῶν ὅλων πραγμάτων ἐπιστάτην παρεῖδεν”; (the only ex. in HYPER.).

DEM.11 exx. in the entire corpus. 1.3 ( = 2.31): “τῶν ὅλων πραγμάτων”. 32.2 (see above). 36.37: “τὸ ἥμισυ τῆς ὅλης μισθώσεως”.

AESCHIN. 9 exx. 1.24: “τῆς ὅλης ἡλικίας”. 1.46 ( = 1.61. 73): “τὸ ὅλον πρᾶγμα. 3.25: τὴν ὅλην διοίκησιν”.

ISAEUS. No example.

Only two exx. 9.69: “ τὴν κατάληψιν τῆς βασιλείας, τὴν ὅλην τῶν πραγμάτων διοίκησιν”. Ep. 2.3: “κατέγνω . . . μᾶλλόν σοι μέλειν τῶν περὶ τὴν ἀνδρίαν ἐπαίνων τῶν ὅλων πραγμάτων”.

LYS. , ANDOC. , ANTIPHON. No example.

PLATO, Conv. 191B:τὸ λειφθὲν ἄλλο ἐζήτει καὶ συνεπλέκετο, εἴτε γυναικὸς τῆς ὅλης ἐντύχοι ἡμίσει, . . . εἴτ᾽ ἀνδρός”. Crat. 392 C:πότερον οὖν αἱ γυναῖκες . . . φρονιμώτεραί σοι δοκοῦσιν εἶναι οἱ ἄνδρες, ὡς τὸ ὅλον εἰπεῖν γένος”; Protag. 329 D: “ὥσπερ τὰ τοῦ προσώπου μόρια ἔχει πρὸς τὸ ὅλον πρόσωπον”. Rpb. 344 C:ὅσοι ἂν πύθωνται αὐτὸν τὴν ὅλην ἀδικίαν” (the whole gamut of injustice) “ἠδικηκότα”.

XEN. An. 4.8.11: “εἰ δέ πῃ τοῦτο ἔσται, τῇ ὅλῃ φάλαγγι κακὸν ἔσται” (the only ex. in the Anab., according to Joost).

THUC. , HDT. No example.

COM. Nicol.4.580.30:τῆς ὅλης τέχνης”. Sosip.4.483.31:τῆς ὅλης συντάξεως”. Men.4.249:μεθῆκε τὸν ὅλον εἰς πονηρίαν βίον. 353.466: τὸν ὅλον ἀνατρέπει βίον”.


TRAG. Chaerem.36, p. 790: “τὰς ὅλας τιμάς” (verba corrupta, Nauck).

EUR. , SOPH. , No example.

ANACREONTEA, 13.3-4: “εἰ κύματ᾽ οἶδας εὑρεῖν” | “τὰ τῆς ὅλης θαλάσσης”.

PIND. O. 2.33: “τὸν ὅλον ἀμφὶ χρόνον”.

HES. , HYMN. HOM., HOM. No example.

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